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There’s a good chance that you or someone you know has a child that loves playing Roblox. With nearly 180 million accounts and roughly 12 million monthly active users, someone in your circle likely plays a game inside the ever-expanding Roblox world. We talked recently in a post and in our latest podcast about the importance of Roblox on Chromebooks and why it is we feel Roblox has done the entire Android-on-Chromebook experience right.

Today, however, we want to highlight a Chromebook we purchased recently that fits firmly into the low-budget Chromebook category, yet handles Roblox with aplomb. We’ll get to the reasons for that, but what you need to know right off the bat is Lenovo Chromebook S330 can be bought at Walmart right now for $169 and, for the money, you are getting a pretty decent overall Chromebook and a very good Roblox machine.

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31 thoughts on “Lenovo Chromebook S330: Cheap & Perfect For Roblox!”

  • Kaiden Filmore 3rd says:

    Was about to get this laptop for roblox til I figured out that it runs roblox on google play store and doesn’t run very good and lags in all of the games so now I’m gonna buy the Lenovo windows 10 ideapad so I can play roblox smoothly

  • How come my Chromebook Runs Roblox pretty Badly?
    Edit: The Game He was playing on Roblox was "Water park" and he is Playing at full Settings when I am at Full Settings I lagg

  • ok sir, i have the same chromebook your girl have but when u move your camra with a mouse like when u keep turning and turning u comepletely stop like u cant move your camra

  • Guess I missed this video the first time. Now I'm catching up on it. Had this Chromebook for almost 4 months now…and I LOVE IT! I snagged it because Lenovo had a special doorbuster sale on some items…and this came out at $189 on sale at the time. Just had to get it for the price and the right 64 gig EMMC configuration I wanted. I had almost gone with the 2-in-1 C330. This was more…so I went with the S330 instead. Now, just saving up to get a mini display and mount to the side of the screen and bluetooth speaker.

  • Dixie Pride 13 says:

    I got that chromebook my math teacher gave it to me he had made a deal of whoever makes the highest level on their end of the year test will receive a brand new computer and this is the computer that he chose and I love it it runs everything so smooth not as hard to wake up and do some stuff as compassion to my HP Notebook 15 which is a little slow most of the time but this chromebook by Lenovo is really good for practically anything you need it to do

  • so, i got this chromebook for my kiddos specifically to play roblox on, EVERYTIME they load it it plays for a few mins and it crashes… lol i literally saw this video and bought it based off your review! im sure it is a software update that is causing this. But I wanted to let ya know! great channel! Im a big fan of chrome os! If you have any advice or fixes that would be awesome, I have a dell 11 3120 that I flashed fw to mrchromebox and installed gallium os on. but I wanna use ChromeOS!

  • Thanks, my sister really wanted a computer she saw me play on one and she really likes Roblox. We can’t afford a high end windows computer but chromebooks while having 4 gb of ram and a low end cpu, google really optimizes it and it works great.

  • leonard telemaque says:

    I would not recommend buying a chromebook for roblox because it would lag a lot and plus u cant play roblox studio… I wouldent buy it.

  • Bought mine on last Cyber Monday at Walmart (2018) Paid $129 plus tax (aprox. $139 Total) Very Happy with it !.Super fast,does good on multi tasking,never crashes & awesome battery life. Seems that you are picky with displays.I am NOT (even though I have an retina display Ipad) I think the display is pretty good…even in bright sun (maybe is just my good vision) Can you please explain one thing ? What's happening on 2022 ? …will this chromebook stop working on june 2022 ? ("End of Life"…I don't think so ! ) Thanks & keep the good work

  • •UpRiverCarrot• says:

    I got this for my 11th birthday yesterday and I just came across this and I don’t care how bad it is , I’m just lucky I have an actual computer/ laptop ! I also love playing ROBLOX with my family ( sister, step mum and dad ) sometimes my cat and kitten join in aswell 😂

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