Lenovo Flex 15 2-In-1 Laptop 10th Gen i7 From Costco Full Review.
**CLIFNOTES AT 12:30 NOT 11:30 🙃**
We give a unbiased review for the laptop, talk about the features, and discuss whether it would be a good fit for you or not.
The Exact model number is 81XH0001US and it is a Costco EXCLUSIVE Item
This is NOT a paid promotion from Lenovo and I don’t even have an affiliate link for you. I chose this Lenovo Flex 15 2-In-1 Laptop 10th Gen i7 From Costco for me based on my needs and desires for a computer.
This video will explain everything you need to know about this laptop in a VERY EASY to understand manor.
If you want to buy it you can either go to your local Costco or go to this direct link:

If you want the 1TB SSD instead, click this one:

If you would like to learn more about the different parts to a computer, and actually be able to understand what you’re reading, Then check out this article I found and scroll down to “Section 2”:

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