10 thoughts on “Lenovo Ideapad L340 (15”) – disassembly and upgrade options”

  • So, if there is 4gb soldered to the mb, does the old rule of matching ram sizes not apply anymore? Can it use both the soldered 4gb in addition to a 16gb that I add to the additional slot?

  • taco9797998907907 says:

    The bottom cover does not lift off like you show it does. It takes using something like a guitar pick or credit card and some swearing to unhook the bottom piece from the fasteners that are holding it on.

  • I have this laptop without the hdd, do you think it is possible to Mount a 2.5” hdd/ssd eventhough it didnt have one from factory?

  • Sachin John Thomas says:

    I have a few questions. I am planning to buy the L340 81LH0094IN. It has a 8gb DDR4 RAM and a 1 TB HDD memory with DOS. I plan to add a SSD to it but I couldn't find out what kind of slot is used for the second one, either M.2 or SATA III. Also i plan to change the OS to Windows 10. So while doing that, can i make the new SSD memory the primary one rather than the HDD?

  • it's kinda confusing because i cant identify the model it's all L340 but the versions with discrete graphics has a different layout and can you please tell what that large open space on the left is for? If it doesnt really have a purpose can you please tell me how high is that gap? (from the plating to the cover)
    PS: what i meant was i want viewing angles from all side

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