I5 9th Generation
512 nvMe SSD
GPU Nvidia 1650

Lenovo Legion Y540

Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Canon 200 D.
Boya Mic.
Rode Mic.
Ceuta Mic.
Frocel Mic.

Get 10% discount use come. Mabbas-21


Hikvision 1080P.

CP plus DVR

Dhauwa DVR

CCTV Camera

Hikvision 1.0 MP.
Hikvision 2MP.
CP plus 1 MP.
CP plus 2.4MP.
CP plus 2.4 bullet.

CCTV Cable

CCTV power Supply
10 amp for 8 camera with 2 bundle wire.

5 amp for 4 Camera with 1 bundle wire

20 amp for 16 Camera

Device upto 200 mtrs.

4 (3+1) cable input & output in RJ45 connector.

CCTV Rack for DVR, NVR, Networking switches, Routers etc.

Surveillance Hard Disk good life for CCTV

Water Level Controller

Canon 200 D.
Tripod Stand.
Photoron Dslr Stand.
Mic use in DSLR.
HP Laptop.
Action Camera. Gopro
Drone Dji Mavic Air.
Drone DJI Tello .


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