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21 thoughts on “Lenovo Legion Y740 17″ – Answering your questions!”

    Y540 is out (i think) and no review so far. Should i order it or wait till further info?

  • hey this is not about this laptop is it real and or worth it

  • Hey there, thanks for your impressions they are useful. I was wonder if could tell me how your battery life has been with the unit? I understand the 17" model has a bigger battery life but was curious how your times have been in casual use. Thanks!

  • Think it's cool you've gotten a chance to review this unit, I had purchased it on sale and mine just arrived… Watched both your videos as there wasn't many specifically for the 17 inch version out there… I mostly disagree with your review's opinion on the keyboard but it was a good showcase of how you interacted and used the device. For example my opinion of the Lenovo Thinkpad's laptop's keyboards are not as high as yours as I get issued a new one every other year for the last 13 years from my work. I agree thinkpad keys feel nice but the layout is kind of horrible and effects my typing regardless of how awesome the keys feel and I end up attaching keyboard to it (issues with think pad keyboards is arrow keys with page up/page down or forward/backwards depending on model compress below the shift key on the right, the swapped ctrl and function key on left.), I do agree the number pad is weird on the Y740 but it didn't take too long to retrain myself to use it and the 5 has nub on it so you can find the num pad home row by feel (you just have to get used to hitting enter with your thumb instead of pinky finger). However the main reason for those number keys are there is that they are the Macro keys and you can turn them on for that and configure it in the Lenovo Vantage software. The corsair software had a lot of options and custom lighting modes.. the rainbow is the default only pre-made profile. Anyways.. great job with the review.

  • YT Crudelicious says:

    Hey folks,
    I ordered the Lenovo Y740 with the 8th gen Intel core i7 processor a while ago. But now, knowing that the 9th gen i7 processor is on it's way, I feel a bit hesitant. As of right now, I feel like I'm ready to cancel, wait for another month, and purchase the new version with the 9th gen. Or would I be crazy for doing so?

    What do you guys think? Is the upgrade significant at all (yea I don't know shit about this kind of stuff lol)? And would it be worth the money?

  • I don't really care about FPS in games all I need is very smoooooth gameplay… that's really it.

    Currently owning an Acer Aspire 5750G, Intel Core i3, NVIDIA GT 520M, 4 GB of RAM, 500GB HDD.

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