Gaming laptops are made to be loud, flashy, and very powerful. But Lenovo decided to skip on the fanciness and focus on the performance. What they produced was the Y740, a gaming laptop that looks like a regular office laptop. But under the hood a sleeping giant awaits you.

Design 00:01:00

Your average gaming laptop usually looks like it came out of a Sci-Fi movie, by the Legion Y740 is very different. It’s simple, it’s plain, it’s actually rather dull. But that’s also its strongest point. Take this into a meeting room and you won’t look like the weird one. If you’re a minimalist gamer, you will love the design.

Performance 00:02:32

Being equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, you will enjoy majority of games above the 60 frames per second mark. It might not perform well on games that support Ray-Tracing, but then again, so can’t the RTX 2080.

Thermals 00:03:58

With high-performance comes compromise. The Y740 runs hot and it heats up the WASD keys quite a bit. It also doesn’t help that the vents are position at the side, your hand is going to feel it.

Battery 00:04:20

Again comes compromise. The laptop last about 2 hours on normal usage and 45 minutes when gaming. There is a fast charging adapter but it’s huge.
Hope you have a big bag.


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3 thoughts on “Lenovo Legion Y740 | Mashable SEA Reviews”

  • Just use the hybrid mode switch to turn off G-sync and use Optimus to significantly boost battery life. You can also switch to quiet mode on the Lenovo vantage software to get even longer battery life as it slows the fans and lowers CPU power

  • Just purchased a Y740 2070 Max-Q / 8750H from Craigslist for $900 (Like New). Absolutely love this laptop, especially for the price I got it for! Nice review!

  • Cristian Bonilla-Cisneros says:

    I Absolutely Love This Laptop As An Architecture Student. I Got My Y740 RTX 2070 Max-Q For $1600. Great Specs! I Am Not A Gaming Laptop Person Though.

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