Traditionally the Moto G series of devices have been very good value for money, so how will the Moto G7 Plus fair?

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17 thoughts on “Lenovo Moto G7 Plus Full Review”

  • Much prefer stock android so like how the moto g phones work. Currently have the 5s plus. Best phone I have ever had & I have an Apple se phone. Still prefer the moto.

  • Gino Guillermo says:

    Great video Andy.
    But, I don't understand why Moto even bothered to make the phone. After carefully checking some of the specs (against the older Motot G6 Plus) I found out the LTE speeds is actually slower (Cat6 vs Cat12), CPU frequency is slower (1800Mhz vs 2200Mhz), rear camera has smaller pixel size (1.22u vs 1.4u), It hasn't got the dual pixel of the G6 Plus, it has smaller battery too (3000mAh vs 3200mAh) and screen calibration is apparently worse than the older model.
    I'm trying to get rid of my old Galaxy S8+ coz i'm quite dissapointed with the selfie camera. Everything else about the phone i'm satisfied. OnePlus 6/6T comes to mind but not totally convinced with the camera (leaning towards the cooler side, stability needs a lot of work and audio recording is either tinny or sounding mono) and the audio department. Then the Xperia XZ3 but with so many shortcomings (no fast charging option, no 9 Pie gestures, seemingly poor EIS on both front & rear camera, seemingly no way to turn off the Side Sense and Always oN Display and no freaking systemwide dark theme) then the only way is for me to go to the budget range i.e. Motorola.
    I wanted to ask you:
    1. Is OIS (or EIS) available as automatic or manually on both front & rear cameras?
    2. 4G LTE connectivity any good?
    3. Have you tried GCam on the phone? And how was it?
    4. How's the bluetooth audio over headphones?
    5. DO you find the screen display colours & calibration accurate or "off"?
    Have you still got the older G6 Plus and have you done a side by side comparison?
    WOuld love your thoughts & comments. Cheers.

  • Robbie Desiato says:

    Why can't they make a 5 or 5.2 inch screen? 720p looks fine and a 3000mh battery last for ages. It would be a nice little device especially with today's minimal bezels

  • Braxton McNeill says:

    Hey Andy! Excellent review! I like to hear your thoughts on devices. I'm gonna pick up the version for Latin America to use in the US. Other reviewers mentioned that it charges super fast. Like 45 mins to full fast.

  • Nice review Andy. Personally, I like stock Android, you know what you're getting and how to use it. I can't keep up with all these overlays, perhaps that's me showing my age now lol. Thanks

  • Hi Andy, a cracking review once again. This phone looks good but would you upgrade to it from a G6? I have the G6 and it's a good phone but Moto/Lenovo are realy slow with updates other than that they offer good features for a good price. I love the fact that Moto Gs come with very little bloatware and are pretty much stock Android.

  • I think I commented on your unboxing about my mum being a huge G series fan. She is currently contemplating upgrading her G6 to the G7 Power. Looking at the battery life on the Plus, she will get a week between charges out of the power with her use!

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