When Amazon released the Echo Spot in 2017, I praised it for being an adorable Alexa-powered smart clock. Yet, I thought its $130 asking price was a little high, and having a camera by your bedside does feel a touch creepy. This year, Lenovo and Google unveiled a product I found a lot more compelling: the Lenovo Smart Clock.

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31 thoughts on “Lenovo Smart Clock Review: Sometimes less is more”

  • I got mine for $52 at BB ..
    Question for Lenovo .. or anyone that might have an answer ..
    Why does this clock not come with a normal alarm wake up clock sound? All there is is a bunch or
    fairyland .. Organic Nature sounding alarms which will more than likely put you to sleep than
    wake you up!! I mean come-on Lenovo .. just give us 1 normal Alarm sound!!!

  • Picked one up for 59.00 at BB. Love it. I have plenty of gadgets, what I have been looking for is something simple, yet have a few added features. Simple. I would have gladly paid 80.00, happy I didn't have to.

  • Was the device pulled? there are none for sale at any BestBuy, and Amazon only shows used ones for sale. Lenovo is the only place to buy it now? Google's home nest hub does not work with any of my smart devices like Arlo Ultra, hue, or thermostat even thought it may recognize them, so this device as just a clock would be fine since Google's devices just don't work at all.

  • I bought this clock to be able to quickly toggle lights, as she shows at minute 3, however I have no idea how to set this up I can't figure it out…

  • The only benefit I can see of having a webcam as part of something like this and its not something I want, is if the person is someone who is sick and or elderly and really wants to talk face to face with grandchildren or the like but is too unwell to be able to get out of bed, for instance they might be in a nursing home, thinking of that, I wonder, if the Spot thing, you can turn off the screen on your end but still be viewable so you could secretly (between the elderly person and yourself) check how they are being treated by the nursing home staff for instance. Otherwise, I really don't want a camera attached nor do I want it to be a photo frame or the like. I Absolutely love very many of the features this lenovo smart clock offers and will likely be buying one 😍 I especially love that its dim enough for the time to be visible at night but not so bright it interferes with your sleep and does require pressing of a button to see the time only to be BLINDED BY THE LIGHT upon doing so. I also love the daylight alarm as I think this is a very healthy way to wake up, even though I have very quiet alarms on my ipad, more often than not I still jump out of my skin upon any alarm going off, to the point that my body naturally wakes around 1 minute before its set to go off so that I have time to wake peaceful and switch it off, handy body clock I have. I really like that it shows weather and can read out the news….many aspects I really like.

  • No google pictures? No photo frame? Not for me… for alarm clock I use my mobile but I’d like photo frame that changes pictures or at least have a my own photo as background to the clock sadly this thing can’t do it either so it’s useless to me

  • Matthew Richards says:

    Hey does this clock have built-in Chromecast audio support – i.e. could I add this clock to my speaker group with my other Chromecast devices?

  • So, this a clock at a far to high price point – a wee tip is if you have a old tablet kicking around use it as a smart alarm clock – I use an old Sony tablet 8 inch which is not to large for a night stand. If you don’t have a tablet just use your phone with google smart clock

    What happens if there is a power cut when your sleeping the Lenovo smart clock won’t be so smart and you will be late. Your phone or tablet runs on a battery.

    Tablet features

    Smart google clock ✅

    Google assistant ✅

    Can set an alarm with wake features as the Lenovo smart clock in the google clock settings ✅

    Save yourself £80 ❗️❗️❗️

  • ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ says:

    $80 is a bit much. Can just buy an Amazon Fire HD tablet for nearly half the price, have way more functionality, and ALSO use it as a smart clock. Can even install a custom ROM on it.

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