The Lenovo Smart Clock is a fun little thing. It has Google Assistant. It does more than the Google Home Mini, but less than the Nest Hub. And soon it’ll have to contend with the Amazon Echo Show 5. These are interesting times, indeed — but this is still very much worth a look.


Lenovo Smart Clock:


A few thoughts on the Echo Show 5:

MrMobile’s Lenovo Smart Clock review:

Google Home Hub Review:


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26 thoughts on “Lenovo Smart Clock Review: Time Marches On …”

  • I got mine for $52 at BB ..
    Question for Lenovo .. or anyone that might have an answer ..
    Why does this clock not come with a normal alarm wake up clock sound? All there is is a bunch or
    fairyland .. Organic Nature sounding alarms which will more than likely put you to sleep than
    wake you up!! I mean come-on Lenovo .. just give us 1 normal Alarm sound!!!

  • Hi All. Will the alarm work if for some reason it becomes disconnected from the internet? Seems to be problem with the Google Home Mini. Thanks 🙂

  • So does it have a dumb clock mode or back up battery for the occasional black out? Does it reboot to all the last settings after a power off event or stay off and dead until re-started?

  • Is there any visual feedback when controlling smart devices like thermostats? What about animated graphics like when playing NPR News like on the Hub?

  • Given the compromises made in the software side to fit the form factor it's no wonder it took Lenovo this long to release the Lenovo Smart Clock. There was surely a lot of testing and development needed to deviate from the Google Home/Nest Hub standard a little bit. Unfortunately with the Home/Nest Hub frequently going on sale for $99 the Lenovo Smart Clock is a bit of a hard sell. There's surely some clock features on the Lenovo side that I wish were on the Home/Nest Hub but when it's all said and done I'd rather get the larger device for just $20 more.

  • Brendan Curtis says:

    Given that Google Assistant and Alexa are functionally very similar, I personally find myself just not trusting Amazon and not wanting to invite them into my home.

  • Ok… you always do REALLY good reviews and on interesting items/topics, but we're going nuts with one thing and I have to ask… why why WHY has it reached a point where we are staring at your man-nipples and moops almost as much as we are looking at the product being reviewed? 😫 Ok, ok, we GET it – you've lost weight! Congratulations! Yeah, you look better. But these spray-on shirts for the last X-number of videos are getting silly. JC Penny has a sale on summer T's right now – please go up a size. Once again – congrats on losing the weight, you look great, etc. But we're not here for Dad's T & Moob show.. we want to see the products you're reviewing and less nips. I mean, you're married, right? Unless you're using youtube as a Tinder alternative also, what's the need to advertise so much? 🤔

  • What is setting an alarm like on the clock screen? Can I set it to wake me up to spotify or can that only be done with voice commands? Can I set different recurring alarms for different days of the week?

  • They are going to have to lower the price of the smart clock to $60 or a bit lower. The nest hub will not be able to be more than $100 but better at $80. And the home mini should get dropped to about $40. With the echo show 5 coming out. It makes the smart clock and the nest hub look over priced for the features provided.

  • Michael Turner says:

    Can you setup alarm schedules (like different alarm times based on the day of the week)? This isn't addressed anywhere in any reviews so I assume not which seems like a pretty big swing and miss for something that's primary function is to wake you up!

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