After owning a Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant for over 6 months, we dive into what the most useful features of the device have been over the past 6 months, how the device has held up over the long term, how it compares to the competition and if we recommend it.

If you’re interesting in learning more about the Google Nest Hub, we also did a review of that device here:

We also talked about the Nest Hub Max here:



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9 thoughts on “Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Review – 6 Months Later”

  • Nice! Have u reviewed Lenovo Smart Tab M10 or P10? If not would be interesting to see your honest review of those? Tablet that double as smart display! Would also be interested to know if it can work as a photo frame to display photo from Google Photos App?

  • Jamie McInally says:

    Is it easy to switch between recipes and YouTube videos? It would be perfect if I could do one step, watch a video for a bit until I need to move on to the next instruction and then switch back without it losing where I was in the vid/recipe

  • Janelee Keller says:

    HI Josh 👋
    Though this Lenovo video was Appreciated, Saying More than,
    I Agree with Your Verdict, would be pointless !

    Thanks for ELIMINATING any personal Judgment on my part 😉 !

    Will be looking forward to Your Reviews of the Google Nest Hub Max 😊.

    Have a Nice Day 🌞 Josh,
    JL 🕊️

  • I have done a project
    please kindly check and rate it🙏🙏

  • Josh, nice review. I have a google nest hub, I am waiting for for the max to come out. It just makes more sense in my case. But my all time favorite for a basic assistant is my google mini. Small out of the way device for my bedside table. See ya when the nest hub max comes out. Thanks

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