Buy it at Lenovo – (affiliate link) – Lenovo’s Thinkbook 13s is a lightweight ultrabook powered by a quad core Intel i5 processor. It features a 13″ matte finish 1080p display and is available in a number of configurations. See more laptops: and subscribe!

00:40 – Hardware Overview
00:49 – Price
01:02 – Display
01:23 – Processor
01:28 – RAM
01:45 – Storage
01:53 – Build Quality
01:57 – Weight
02:03 – Screen Tilt
02:14 – Ports
03:39 – Webcam Shutter
03:57 – Battery Life
04:23 – Performance: Web Browsing
04:44 – Performance: YouTube
05:00 – Performance: Speedometer Test
05:20 – Gaming: Fortnite
05:46 – Gaming: Half Life 2
06:02 – Gaming: Rocket League
06:24 – Performance: 3dMark Cloudgate Benchmark Test
06:47 – Performance: 3dMark Stress Test
07:07 – Fan
07:50 – Performance: Kodi and HEVC video
08:15 – Performance: Linux
08:53 – Conclusion

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34 thoughts on “Lenovo Thinkbook 13s Review – Small Lightweight Ultrabook”

  • OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

    Oi Lon, as a work machine u wud think it would have a 15.6 inch screen and be the min standard nowadays? and its good to see the cam shutter on top but a physical mic switch built into the shutter would be a fantastic feature. And ur reviews r pretty good too ur no 1 on my list and i did enjoy ur reviews when u were a kid too, I had no idea u started that early and do u have anymore movie footage from back then? gota love the 80's, its a time of true freedom and every new dev was truly exciting.

  • Anthony A. Jumelles says:

    Lenovo seems hell bent on diluting and devaluing the Think(pad) and Motorola brands.

    The IdeaPads were selling poorly due to a poor reputation? Just slap the Think name on it!

  • "gets decently bright' No numbers quoted…..'Speakers sound good' no demonstration of them…..Luls, this is an opinion piece at best.

  • With Linux, if you end up with one, if a drive4r like WiFi doesn't work, after checking the forums for your distribution and googling for answer try waiting 90 days and checking again. sometimes it takes awhile for a linux driver or a workaround to appear. It is a lot better and faster than it usedto be..

  • Tremor Wolfgang says:

    anyone else here just waiting for amd powered laptops? I hope some business laptops adopt them in the future, I want to know how good/bad they are by now.

  • Not having Linux support and only having single channel for RAM makes it a dud for me. Lenovo seems to have been slipping the last few years.

    By the way Lon do you know the model number of the Wifi card so I can avoid laptops with it?

  • KomradeMikhail says:

    The Linux WiFi not working out of the box is an extremely common issue… It's not that it doesn't actually work, it's that many WiFi chip drivers are often 3rd Party and not included in initial installation. Either point the Driver Manager to grab them off the LiveUSB, or connect to the net once through wired Ethernet and update from Repository.

  • No TrackPoint. No go. I don't quite get it. The smaller the laptop the more it needs TrackPoint. It would make ie. some Cad working so much more doable than with standard trackpad. Though I guess this isn't enterprise grade machine.

  • I really wanted to like this but $800+ for atleast 8gb ram and the i5 is a bit too steep. I'm willing to wait until this discounts to $600-$700 range. Appreciate the review Lon, there aren't much reviews out there on this device.

  • It's shocking what good value the cheaper gaming laptops are compared to products like this. 45w CPU and decent dedicated graphics all for less than the cost of this. Is that thin and light form factor really worth those extra hundreds of dollars?

  • Timothy Vreeland says:

    Thats too much money for what you get. The $600-$700 range has metal body laptops, with real USB C ports, better processors, better screens, that include touch as well, and they launched at those prices a year ago. My Matebook D launched at $625, and now can be had for $400 new. There are a few others in that range too.

    This should have launched 2 or 3 years ago at that price. This laptop should be going for half the price it is.

  • Great laptop review as always! I love Lenovo keyboards for typing! Seeing LibreOffice Writer always reminds me of the pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Word, which I definitely miss.

  • So frustrating when a $800+ laptop doesn't include Thunderbolt 3 or at least USB-C power delivery. The Lenovo 720s is only a tiny bit larger but includes that as well as an MX150, what gives Lenovo.

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