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22 thoughts on “Lenovo Thinkpad L480 Laptop Review Running Linux 2019”

  • Eddie O'Connor says:

    I dunno…I have a T-410…T-420…T-430..and T-460…and they ALL have worked with Linux after install. No issues with the touchpad or anything else…I guess maybe some of the ThinkPads have esoteric firmware…but all mine work just fine. I also run Pop-OS on one of them…its pretty cool…..but I'm a die-hard Fedora Linux user…LoL!

  • Loizos Loizias says:

    I have this laptop for work almost a year you cant add an ssd and nvme. You remove the 4g m. 2 card and add a second m. 2 ssd i found a 1tb ssd from transend the socket are 2242. And you change the toshiba m. 2 nvme with bigger one i added a 1tb 2280 and 1tb 2242. Also i added e 256gb cheap microsd card for movies on the go. Also i make it dual boot ubuntu18. 04 and win 10 works perfect. And if you buy the official docking choose the one with the 2 display port because it has a type c on it and you can add 3 monitors and extra 5 usb 3.1 with a cheap dongle from thord party. Excelent choice good battery and in use with an external power bank you have more than 20 hours portability.

  • There are definitely L480 models that do have a Backlit keyboard. Also, no ThinkPad after the x7x generation has the old Docking port on the bottom anymore, they all just use USB-C Thunderbolt docks now

  • Kieran Williams says:

    You can add the backlight keyboard by swapping the keyboard. The support is there just need to get the part from say eBay. Runs about 45 bucks

  • I am running one of the Dell XPS's. Wish it was plastic. And I compromised on the stickers, I only have 2. One RedHat, and one Ansible. Lol Kids got the rest. I went with 32 ram, that helps, I just don't use the processor much as Im ssh'd into or running a text terminal all the time.

  • Shared Knowledge says:

    It doesn’t bother you Lenovo was caught shipping serious malware that phone home on their Chinese laptops? Even after that was exposed and they were publicly shamed THEY DID IT AGAIN and even a clean OS install didn’t stop the malware the second time around. Lenovo’s highly questionable motives have earned them an outright ban from many companies and government agencies. Yet as security focused as you are you still choose a Chinese laptop from a company proven to ship deeply embedded malware multiple times? Your credibility is a reflection of the products you endorse.

  • I really like my T495. Battery life is vastly improved over the A485; 10+ hours vs. 3.5-ish. Had planned to hold out for Ice Lake but my dual core T460 was getting painful to use. Also, you can probably buy a backlit keyboard module cheap on Amazon and bolt it right in.

  • Nicolas W. Wolf says:

    Can you test if you can control the fan speed please? Unfortunately I learned the hard way that lenovo feels standards like ACPI are optional 🙂

  • We run L380s in our office ( but i have an E585) So glad they moved the power button, its on the side on the L380 and its fucking annoying.

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