Today we are reviewing Lenovo’s top of the line ThinkStation P920 Workstation Tower. Yup, this is “The” pinnacle of ThinkStation technology, at least so far. The P920 handles the same complex applications supported on other workstations, and yes, I am talking about Independent Software Vendor certified applications. It’s designed to compete against the HP Z8 G4 and Dell’s Precision 7920 Tower Workstation, and there is definitely a case for that. There are three desktop workstations that make up Lenovo’s ThinkStation line-up. I suppose four if you count the compact version of the P520… the P520c. Anyway, from bottom to top, that would be the single-socket P520, dual-socket … Watch the video for a special discount offer!

Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Workstation – PRICING

Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Workstation – Specifications

Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Workstation – Owner’s Manual


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