The Lenovo Legion Y740 is available in both a 15″ (up to RTX 2070 Max Q) and 17″ models (up to RTX 2080 Max Q). In June Lenovo is rumoured to launch a 15″ RTX 2080 max Q model.
Dell has updated their G series with 9th Gen CPUs. Also available in 15″ and 17″ models. The 15″ G7 is available up to a RTX 2080 Max Q and an OLED model will be available soon.
Here I compare the 15″ Y740 against the 15″ Dell G7, both with an i7 8750h COU, 2 x 8GB RAM and a RTX 2070 MQ Graphics.

Dell G7 review:
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34 thoughts on “Lenovo Y740 Vs Dell G7 – I am Speechless !”

  • Just a heads up. I should have mentioned it in my video. I tested using max fans because I noticed that more power went to the GPU compared to auto fan, with negligible increase in thermals.

  • Peterson Family says:

    Thanks for the review. Thinking of getting the maxed out G7 over the m15 R2. The design choices for RAM not soldered on, WiFi not soldered on, ports on the back, larger battery option, number pad keys, and the G7 now has similar specs options as the m15 R2 and seems like the way to go. Thoughts and thanks.

  • The Lenovo Y740 seems to be the winner in this comparison but the function keys on the left side are awkward. I can s myself hitting them by accident when trying to hit the ESC key. I'm hoping the next generation (Y750?) fixes this issue.

  • Is the 15 inches screen in Y740 also have bad quality in dark as the 17 inches? or they fixed? maybe it's because of light in the logo on the back of screen?

  • James Marvene Camson says:

    I ordered the y740 but with a gtx 1660 ti instead, would that mean better temps for the gpu as it is weaker compared to the 2070 MQ? Also would that give more time before the battery gets low?

  • Not going to put my name in this box google says:

    Hey buddy I wanted to let you know I ended up buying a Y740 because of this video. I ended up with the 17 inch 2070 9750 variant. So far things have been great, I lucked out and got a great monitor with very little bleed and temps have been wonderful Also one of the most silent laptops I've had. Thanks to all the forums and advice I made sure I didn't upgrade my bios so I could take advantage of the max fans. After all the discounts and ebates it ended up about 1550 for everything. Great imo for the price I'm quite happy. Thanks for these videos! You do a fantastic job at giving people an idea of what they can expect. Cheers and have a great day!

  • The G-sync really helps to increase the performance of the RTX GPU by 8-10% as it bypasses the Intel integrated GPU and projects directly onto the screen. I am not sure why there are a lot of manufacturers that they do not have G-sync on their $2000 gaming laptop. As such the performance of the RTX GPU is being compromised. In this video you can see clearly that a 100% G-sync RTX2070 maxq can match a 90% non-G-sync RTX2080 maxq.

  • Ankith Reddy Kandala says:

    Guys should I get legion y740 with 9750h + rtx 2060 +16gb ram + 128gb + 1tb hdd + 17.3 inch 144hz gsync hdr400 display or Asus strix g with 9750h + gtx 1660ti + 16gb ram + 512gb nvme ssd + 17.3 inch 144hz display + rog galdius ii origin mouse worth $100+ rog mousepad worth $30? Please help me out. They are priced at $1530 and $1500 respectively.

  • fantastic review, thank you!
    do you think it would make sense getting the 17'' version for even better thermal performance (also the larger battery life; the portability isnt really an issue)?

  • Great video, really informative that you compared the legion y740 and the dell g7 to the triton 500.

    If possible do include dota 2 in your graphics test as the game is also heavily graphic intensive on max settings plus with a player base of 10 million (2015 google stats) you're sure to get more hits esp. Regarding gaming laptops. Keep up the awesome reviews!

  • Im waiting for the Legion Y540 to arrive in my country though it has some delays but I can wait. Is the little bro somewhat good like Y740 or should I consider getting other laptops instead?
    The Y540 Im waiting for has i7 9750h, gtx 1650, 60hz screen for ~1200$ (the gtx and screen only have that one option, no better gtx or 144hz yet)

  • hello, can you please tell me if the lenovo display is good for graphic works and photoshop? i mean the display brightness and rgb.. i had G3 for like 2 hours and give it back to the store as its having terrible screen, looks like night shift on…. heard that G3 and G7 has those problems. i dont want to buy new machine and replace screen… thank you for your answer!

  • If you want a bigger battery on your laptop, just get an external one, you can easily double, triple or even quadruple your capacity for 100-200 bucks, and you won`t need to mess with the internals, as well as having the option of leaving the bulk at home 🙂

  • Just got the y540 with an i7-9750H and RTX 2060(Mobile). Similar experience with the cooling. Even out of the box performance is solid and it never gets uncomfortable to touch. Highly recommend.

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