As requested by one of my fabulous subscribers here is an up to date Lenovo Yoga 530 review!

Included is:
Tech specs
Core CPU temperature
Rendering performance
Fan noise
Battery life
Virtual Reality headset compatibility
Resources on where to find more about the Yoga 530 laptop
Info about my channel and what you can look forward to seeing soon… 👀

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Oculus Rift S news

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17 thoughts on “Lenovo Yoga 530 – 2019 review”

  • I just bought it and get this alright. Free Lenovo tablet, Touch Pen, i5 8 gen U processor, 512 NVME SSD aka M.2 ssd, 360 turn and touch 1920*1080 IPS. And cheaper than the yoga 730. Yeet

  • I own this little beast and got to say that the monitor quality is stellar, I love the colours as well as the slick bezels. I think it should be mentioned that the battery life can get up to around 8 hours with light usage, low brightness, and battery-saving mode on. It charges extremely quickly as well. I'm usually getting around 5 to 6 hours of battery life. I'd also like to add that it heats up quite quickly. While it is barely noticeable if you're just writing, it gets a bit annoying when you leave your fingers on certain keys (like WASD if you game) and is extremely noticeable, to down-right painful, when you have it on your lap. The hinge is a bit stiff, you can't open the laptop with one hand only, but I think this just goes to show how well built this machine is. The pen is very simple in design, yet still very efficient. Writing with it fells alright, although I wouldn't use it instead of a proper graphics tablet stylus. It has 2 programmable buttons and is powered by a single AAAA (yes, a quadruple A) battery that makes up like 95% of the pen's weight. The pen is still quite light, comparable to a good sturdy metal propelling pencil. The battery also comes in the package, which is neat since they're a bit expensive as well as hard to come by. However, the pen holder (which plugs to either of the USB ports) is a bit wobbly, I fear it might damage the ports.

  • Mališa Jevremović says:

    Does the keyboard slides inside of the case when you turn the screen around to use it as a tablet? Is the keyboard turned off?
    I saw some videos where the keyboard does not slide inside…

  • Hello mam! After my long research I decided to buy this laptop… I am a student , so I should read lot of ebooks & I will mostly use laptop for pen testing & programming…. I will use arch linux as my os.. Will surface pen works fine in linux???

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