10 thoughts on “Lenovo’s Foldable PC preview at Tech World 2019”

  • Looking at this Galaxy fold owners would like to know why the fold has a crease? I understood why the razor didn't (according to the experts), but that was obviously BS because this screen is bigger than the fold. C'mon Samsung. It's been 10 years. 10+ years. That's what you said.

  • Pointless without physical keyboard. It's a just-because-it-can-be-done-we-did-it device.

    Guess what? Laptops are already foldables! There is no need to further fold the screen since we don't yet have a physically folding keyboard to go with it.

  • please lenovo please lenovo i am from a poor family so i can get one of this free please
    please i want it so that i can learn code . i will return your money back when i will be a developer

  • Using a steam controller to type and setting this anywhere will be very efficient for me. I don't care too much for actually using the touch screen.

  • If this is mainly for someone looking for media playback and not a ton of typing, this could actually be a fantastic thing to have. Imagine having a screen like this with a computer inside while travelling and plugging in your harddrive full of movies or maybe some old school games on an emulator

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