33 thoughts on “LG C9 OLED Gaming test with PS4 Pro”

  • The Tech Giant says:

    Hey guys,been getting loads of you who suggested i should have used an xbox one x or gaming PC,unfortunately i am a small channel (growing daily) that has recently started out and I’m not in the position to be able to buy a range of consoles or gaming PC’s to demo on the TV and so have to use what i personally own,I’m not really a gamer and purchased the PS4 Pro before i purchased the OLED and only had a 1080p TV at the time,that said i did buy an xbox one x Scorpio edition but that had to be returned as it was not as described,see that video here https://youtu.be/L6tGN4yOsZE

    Now if you guys hit that like and subscribe button i might soon be in a better position where i can buy the items you want me to test out 🙂👍

    failing that if any company wants to send me a better setup then I’m more than willing to test it out on my OLED 🙂

    Cheers Vin Diesel,I mean Paul 😉

  • Why do you people bring up OLEDs as good for gaming?You know how many OLEDs are for sale with burn ins? Because of static gaming maps, icons, etc OLEDs are not good for gaming unless you don’t care to damage it.

  • LG OLED "locked" to wide color gamut in SDR Game mode!

    I've read a lot of topics and looks like LG doesn't care about their performance in Game Mode. A lot of people is suggesting to change the input to PC which is okay for SDR but messes up the HDR introducing banding, especially with 4:2:2 input chroma (personally tested with Xbox One X to my LG B8). So if I want to have correct colors I have to change every time the input to PC and non-PC input for SDR and HDR respectively. And this is not only on 2018 B8, it is on 2016, 2017 models, probably 2019 also…

  • Oled is rly nice, but for movies only. Diods will burn because of interface of games stay long time on screen. As for me its better to take qled, black is not so deep, but still looks amazing.

  • i just bought this tv with the sound bar also got it bundled an 100 dollars off the sound bar, getting it weds super hyped loved the color an picture quality of the lg oled's

  • Chulhun Chang says:

    My OLED 65 C9 seems to make buzzing noise when red/pink colors kick in while playing on my Playstation 4 pro.
    Does anyone know why this is happening? Its a high pitched buzzing (frequency) noise.

  • Your viewers seem very positive and like-minded, but from two bad top gaming tv videos I've seen, many comments say OLED is bad for gaming? 'Because of the burn in, I think.

    So, I'm curious if you've had any problems yet?

    I still haven't looked into what internet service provider I want or can get best for gaming, let alone have good knowledge of TV's, especially for gaming, but anyway, haha. I'm just getting started on informing myself with all of this since I'm moving out soon, finally.

  • Hi from ZAGREB,CRO! Doy you try that picture go thru av or only ps to tv hdmi cable? I ask yo this because some of av works that job fine.

  • Back in 2014 I had GTA 5 and a ps3 with a HD tv and I loved it! but my Playstation broke… haven’t played it since 😢 the other day I bought an LG C9 65” and a PS4 pro….. GTA 5 is €19.99 and I’m heading straight out now to buy it after this… I won’t see the light of day for weeks now

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