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The LG V30 came out in 2016, so how does it hold up in 2019? Let’s find out!

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25 thoughts on “LG V30 In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  • lg made the pixel 2xl ….unfortunatly the v30 screen had icon burn in after 18 months (use auto brightness). i dropped mine face first . got the screen replaced… the fingerprint sensor no longer works ..cause of plaster getting all over it …if i had of taken better care of it it would have lasted , despite all of this . best phone ive owned … i compare todays flagships … not worth the money just yet ….as tempting as it is to upgrade

  • TheVercettiTV says:

    This video is boring and has a lot of nonsense. You talk to your audiences like they are your friends. I'll stay away from your bias lame reviews.

  • I just got Android 9 on mine, it is fantastic, my phone has better battery, is so much snappier, and the UI looks great! I was beginning to look at getting new phones but now I'm happy with my phone again!

  • Since this recent update i got for the v30 . the auto brightness and face unlock have improved . the screen had burn in after 18 months but i replaced it anyway cause i dropped it and broke it . think ill keep this phone for as long as it lasts . once i need new battety ill get it eplaced along witj the fingerprint scanner . starting ro realize that one can uograde every 4 to 5 years .and im gonna try to keep this phone for another 3 years

  • Not one word about the audio quality of this phone. You gotta be kidding me. This phone still has superior sound to many of the high end single use music players that can cost two hundred bucks. geez, man. I'm agreeing with you Javier Prado. Sheesh. The audio is the absolute stand-out feature on this device.

  • Got this to replace my galaxy s6 that was dying. Got a great deal imo and I'm loving this phone. Great screen with no notch, really nice camera, amazing fingerprint scanner (I'm actually using it since its lightning fast compared to the scrappy one on the s6), still has a headphone jack and it has a built-in dac, wireless charging, IP 68 and its only like a 1/4" taller than the s6 but the screen is so much bigger. Only thing I could maybe ask for is 6 or 8 gb of ram instead of 4 for future proofing and faster Android updates. Though I don't really notice a difference between the different versions, 6 was great, so was 7 and 8 is good too. I'm sure 9 will be as well.

  • Ризки Рамадхан says:

    🅥30 / 🅥30+ are great phone. It is my daily driver (2017 US version), but I think people need to know about the sort of problems it has in the long run: 

    1) OLED is started to get shadow, when it shows grey color, although it's a normal thing that happens to OLED after some times.

    2) The front Gorilla Glass 5 don't get scratches, but it dents a bit! (like puncture from needle) 5 now, from little knock by the tip of stylus, I just realized it (it's Adonit mark from aluminum material), that's pretty weird though because I tried to scratch and to give some knocks on the back with the same stylus but no avail! So, go get temper glass if you plan to have one. 

    3) The front glass also started to look wavy, seriously, like it has been hard-pressed, which didn't happen before. Strange because even hammer & scratch test on youtube shows the screen is absolutely alright. 

    4. The fast charger works great, but I just got that it's pretty much do some damages to the battery, so the phone no longer run a day long. I think, the next time I buy a new one, I'll get the standard charger instead. 

    5. It's made of glass, front & back, a bit sloppy, totally recommended to get a case to minimize damage if accidentally dropped. 

    6. No software update, not so much a problem for me honestly. However, I'd love to have pie on it. 

    Thanks hope it helps.

  • Bro I appreciate you tryin but you really have to fix ur style up. I can't sub to this man. You're just, saying nothing. You're not teaching us anything.

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