Come to the Life With Herpes first-ever in-person retreat!

It’s a weekend that going to be filled with good food, friendship, and most importantly learning to live with your herpes diagnosis. There’s more information here

Meet your favorite community members & leave inspired!

Everyone at this retreat will have felt at least one of these at one time in their life:

📌 You feel like a leper
📌 No one is dating you
📌 You get rejected every time you tell someone
📌 You want to live a life that you love
📌 Nobody will have sex with you
📌 Nobody else has Herpes but you

I’ve felt this way and I know that when you’re diagnosed with herpes you’re going to feel at least one of these ways if not all of them. This is not how you need to live your life.

Come to the retreat and find your community. We’re going to have so much fun and address everything from dating to outbreak prevention, to herpes 101 and of course telling your partner.

You don’t have to feel so alone.
Join us this October 25th – 27th!
Only 25 spots available

Go here to learn more and book your ticket!


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