Již 10. ročník veletrhu cyklistiky a dalšího sportovního vybavení FOR BIKES 2019, se letos konal opět na výstavišti v Praze – Letňanech. Nepřehlédnutelná expozice společnosti M-ex Production, na prestižním místě první výstavní haly, stále přitahovala zájemce z řad širší veřejnosti i profesionálních sportovců.
Právě exponát společnosti M-ex Production, tedy speciální komora HIGH LIVE pro simulaci vysokohorského vzduchového prostředí získal prestižní ocenění v soutěži GRAND PRIX.
Tento systém má řadu dalších možností využití, včetně běžných domácností.

The 10th trade fair for cycling and other sports equipment For Bikes 2019, took place again at the Prague Trade Fair grounds in Prague Letňany.
The trade fair boasted packed pavilions, plenty of new products, famous VIPs and 10,000s of visitors!
Therefore the movers and shakers of the industry couldn’t be missing.
The unavoidable stand of the company M-ex Production in the prestigious location of the 1st pavilion constantly attracted visits from the wider public and professional sportsmen.
The prestigious Grand Prix award was given to the exhibit of M-ex Production, the special High Live chamber for simulating high-altitude atmospheres.

Interview: Milan Pecka – owner of M-ex Production s.r.o.
We’re presenting our latest product, the Hypoxic chamber. This is technology that produces a hypoxic atmosphere for various indoor environments, e.g. exercising in fitness centres. This technology makes it possible to train in high-altitude conditions without having to go to the mountains. We can set here a range of altitudes, from 1,500 to 5,000 metres. The exhibited technology is set for 100 m3/hr. This has already been sold to the company AZ Fitness in Brno. It’ll be the first publicly-accessible hypoxic chamber in a gym in Czechia.
This technology comes from Western Europe where it is commonly-used in gyms. These systems are currently only used in Czechia for research or special purposes.
The system is composed of an oxygen generator, which is a compressor with a membrane system. This uses nano technology to adjust the oxygen’s partial pressure in the introduced atmosphere.. So without changing the pressure, we can change the amount of oxygen to between 10% and 18% from the standard 20.9% at sea level, as in the mountains.
The generator creates the atmosphere and brings it into the exercise chamber in pipes via the expander. There’s a measuring gauge to show the oxygen levels, converted to the equivalent altitude. It shows the CO2 in ppm to show the contamination of the atmosphere from breathing. We measure the temperature and humidity. We also adjust the temperature to around 20°C.
Just as with other exercise, it’s important to train regularly in the chamber. If you exercise 30 minutes in this environment, it’s the equivalent of training 3 times longer. The effects after exercising are also 3 times longer.
This helps the organism to acclimatise to the effects of processing oxygen, e.g. increasing the number of red blood cells, improving performance, the function of mitochondria and the overall cardio-vascular performance of the body. The acclaimed LHTL method (Live High Train Low) says you should sleep at a high altitude (e.g. 2,500m) but live and train at a normal altitude.
If you do this, your body will naturally acclimatise and your performances will improve. This can be useful not only in sport, but also in convalescence after an accident or exhaustion. You sleep deeply in this environment and are fully rested.
We have a special series for this segment which we install in your homes. These are oxygen-generating systems which are connected directly to the bed in a closed bedroom as opposed to using a tent. In the morning, you leave back into normal atmosphere.
Our company produces oxygen generators not just for sport, but also for controlling the atmosphere for servers and supercomputers. We can control the atmosphere in production processes to reduce the burning point. We produce oxygen generators for the chemical industry, working with oxygen levels like 0.5%. We have a large market in the food and drink industry producing a protective atmosphere for produce.

HIGH-LIVE systém pro simulaci vysokohorské atmosféry
Zařízení vyrábí modifikovanou atmosféru, která je přiváděna do speciálně upravené komory, ve které je uměle vytvořeno vysokohorské prostředí. V tomto prostoru je pak možno kondiční cvičení se zaměřením na aerobní zátěž. Výsledkem takového tréninku je zvýšení výkonu krevního oběhu v přenosu kyslíku do svalů.

FOR BIKES, 29. – 31. 3. 2019, PVA – Letňany
Veletrh cyklistiky / Cycling Trade Fair

The video was produced by the television and advertising company TVF
Oldřich Brýža – managing director

source: https://pub-ed-inquiry.org

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