Mata vs Faker 1v1. Faker vs Mata! LoL eSports 2016 All-stars Day 2: 1v1 Tournament – Best of 1 Faker vs Mata Finals 1 vs 1 – Korea vs China | Mata vs Faker All-Stars 2016 VOD. Yasuo vs Yasuo.
2016 All-Star Event full playlist:
League of Legends All-Stars 2016 in Barcelona – Day 2!

Patch: 6.23 – Pre-Season 7
Game date: 09.12.2016 | 12/09/2016 | December 9th 2016
Game place: Barcelona, Spain
Casters: Krepo and Zirene

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LCK Summer 2016 full Playlist:
LPL Summer 2016 full Playlist:

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