Measles – The Science Is Not Settled – The HighWire’s Del Bigtree vs. ZDoggMD with Paul Offit…

See, if only as children they’d naturally acquired the basically-harmless childhood ‘rite-of-passage’ of a virus. After easily surviving it, they would have gained lifelong immunity; not to mention a stronger, more efficient immune system as a result.

One of the CDC’s most famous and loudest spokespeople, Paul Offit (who was secretly moonlighting as Skeptical Raptor until exposed. Now he openly admits his connection). This is the same doctor who, in writing, declared that: “each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10 000 vaccines at any one time”.

The same doctor who sold his rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq) for approximately $182 million dollars (personally pocketing approximately $40 million dollars) and has LITERAL FINANCIAL REASONING to openly promote vaccines (and he does)…

❌ He is the same doctor who openly admits to a piece of shit doctor known as ZDoggMD:-

“After being naturally infected with measles I probably have higher frequency of memory immune cells – B and T cells – than someone who was vaccinated; yes I do; that’s true!…”

❌ ZDogg:-
“Because you had a bigger antigen response…”

❌ Offit:-
“Yeah, I had the virus reproduce itself thousands of times in me, not the 10 or 20 times it is when you get the vaccine, so I have a much greater immune response; it’s true…”

There are several toxic substances in vaccines. Ones that are officially classified as carcinogenic, neurotoxic, genotoxic… There is human and animal DNA in vaccines… Glyphosate, polysorbate-80, MSG, formaldehyde, aluminium, thimerosal… Let’s not forget the actual virus, the antigen… Injected into your body, instantly bypassing the essential humoral stage of the immunological reactionary process. This occurs because, naturally, we humans have 3 ways in which substances enter our system: Inhalation. Ingestion. Skin absorption. Our body’s immune system is exceptionally efficient when detecting everyday foreign substances… Everything encountered has a unique “blueprint” (of sorts) designed and specific antibodies assigned to combat the “invader”. Once created, this blueprint is forever stored and “on call” should that pathogen (foreign substance) ever again be detected having entered our body. Injection was never part of the plan… As a result, if any level of protection is afforded, it is vastly incomparable and degenerate. Worst of all, though, is all the system-destroying, cancer-causing, brain-damaging, sterilising, gene-corrupting literal poison with which you were just injected and infected.

I understand the educational system is also fundamentally owned by the same elitist arseholes who ultimately own Pharma; however, some basic facts cannot be manipulated, such as basic biology and chemistry. Too many science experiments that are practically conducted yield consistent results, such as the observation of chemical reactions. If certain elements have proven to have a degenerative effect on biological matter and are ultimately officially determined to be, e.g. “neurotoxic”; then, FFS! How is it there are ACTUALLY members of the scientific community still preaching that, despite these classifications, the INJECTION of these substances is perfectly A-OK?!!

As any person with basic commonsense should know, the MEANS OF ADMINISTRATION plays a fundamental role in the potency and consequential effect of that which is being consumed (as in “used”). IT IS EPIC NEGLIGENCE to compare the INHALATION of aluminium to that which is being INJECTED DIRECTLY INTO A BABY’S BODY!!

YOUR DAY WILL COME WHEN YOUR BODY GIVES IN TO THE POISON. IT IS NOT “GENETIC”… Not in the sense as I believe it is commonly understood by many people . We all have different tolerance levels, like we do with alcohol… With anaesthesia… With medication… It’s not a matter of IF you OBVIOUSLY negatively react to vaccination; it’s WHEN and IN WHAT WAY/S will it present itself.

~Nic~ @ “V for Vaccines” @ “Anonymous Notables”…

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