This is a 1 hour version of Captain sparklez’s Minecraft Style.
Usually I make 10 hour versions, but I decided to make a 1 hour video with animation,
and a 10 hour version without. You should see that video coming in a few hours! 😀

Original: Made by CaptainSparklez:

Thx for watching. And have a nice day.

The last 2 years I’ve seen many comments that I’ve “stolen” this just for views.
I want to clarify this that I wanted to make a 1 hour version of it, as there are plenty for other video’s. I only got so many views because the original got taken down. So I’m not doing this for “views”. It just so happened that his video got taken down. I’m also not taking credit for this. I havent made it, but some people just dont read the description. So yeah, I hope this clarifie’s a bit. See ya guys. 


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