Based on the books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America accross multiple decades. A real-life horror story for those involved, the film examines each case from multiple perspectives in an attempt to shed light on the unsettling topic. Les Stroud of Survivorman and Obama-appointed, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar are both interviewed for their insight into the topic, as are the families who have fallen victim to tragedy.


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24 thoughts on “Missing 411”

  • Cindy Hernandez says:

    Diors grand fathers had something to do with it I bet. He seems so detached he shows no type of love or emotion for the little boy

  • I disliked this video not because the story didn't mean anything to me, I disliked this video because of a child being missing and no one knows what happened to poor lil' Jaryd. God bless his mother & father. God bless everyone who did NOT give up and haven't given up looking for answers. I pray for the family either to get their child back or find the human being who abducted Jaryd from the beginning. A child does not just disappear without help from someone who lured the child in and means the child no good. After listening to everyone and the father I don't believe it was an animal attack. It was more vicious than that, it was human.

  • If memory serves correct Ted Bundy enjoyed stalking several in the Rockies and requested his ashes be spread there. Capital Punishment does little more than foster silly conspiracy theories such as these.

  • Alliecatt Minto says:

    I can't believe, nor understand why people would take a 2 y/o child camping, or hiking. I feel they're way too young. I'm glad I wasn't big on hiking, & could never stand camping. ( not putting it, or anyone else down. ) I just feel if you want to do activities with your 2 y/o, there are other options. Take them hiking/camping when they're older, & can comprehend what to do incase something happens. From the very first time I heard this story, I believe the Grandfather, & mother, & father had something to do with this, & brought the other guy along to be the " fall guy" b/c he is a little slow. The parents carried on, with life, a little too quickly for me.
    I have 5 children. 2 girls, & 3 boys. If any of them were to go missing, in the woods, while hiking/camping….that site would become my new home, I would give a whole new meaning to, "No stone unturned."

  • Hope but you can call me CaPoDiTuTtiCaPi311 says:

    Ive been following David Paulides, I first learned of the missing 411 on coast to coast a couple years back, I listened to everything I could find. Its fucken crazy. I warn everyone to stay in sight of each other at all times when heading to national parks or camp sites In mountains. If you want your mind blown some more, look for the talk David did at a Mufon conference about Big Foot . David never pretends to know what happened to any of the missing people and makes no inferences, but please check it out.

  • Brownie lover says:

    Okay! Thisnwas creep to listen to…what made those kids wonder off? Maybe! A WINDAGO?

    So the moral of this nightmare! Dont trust Grandpa ( he lacks empathy for getting the child BACK) and dont trust the National parks because the could give a shit to even note the people who has gone missing…that should be against the law!!! Nor properly reporting a [ potential] crime… Dont AMERICA tax dollars go into the care for that shitty park!?

    And dont ever hope to get that old lady who seems to think ever woodland creature has something to do with kids going missimg and their clothing being taken off by ANIMALS? – the inside out oart needs to be EXPLAINED -its like there is some crafty 4 legged paedophile! ….She sounds off!

  • Yeah something about Jessica, partner and grandpa is off..

    “The only thing I know Is that I was with Jessica and Jessica was with me”

    They insisted on having coverage on different multiple media.. many ppl in the comments, including locals, recall that this couple were known to be drug addicts.. and they shyed away from the media for a while

    I honestly intuitively feel that it was carelessness That allowed this to happen..

    And anyone especially anyone with strong intuition, can spot a liar or when people are being deceiving. Like many other people had mentioned the grandpa refers to child as “the kid” and smirks at awkward times.

    I think this case is unusual.

    I believe et’s can shapeshifter and whatever they can perform is beyond human comprehension and science. I have seen a ufo

  • I appreciate the lack of pseudo science and the facts of the stories involved ( the usual bigfoot, wormholes, aliens, secret military ops)

  • Brownie lover says:

    The blamk as it was had the kids last scent! If they had hunting dogs that could possibly get the best scent ,that scent would come from his security blanket!

    What is this reporter thinking?

  • Brownie lover says:

    There are no mads ( homeless drifters) who use the woods like camoflouge . They can easily be in plain slight! Which takes nothing for them to lure a CURIOUS child or timid person, even when or if with someone next to them! Its just a momentof that other PERSON being distracted that they can snatch a person .

    There was a recent report of a woman who was taken by such a person ( woman perpared to walk their dog when they stopped for a leg stretch break ) when her husband stop their car to check on something! If it wasntfor her dog helping her get away! The man said he wouldnt not have believed SOMEONE took her!

  • Dr. Robert T. Mullane III says:

    Very Depressing I found it. Only more questions to all these disappearances. No answers; only more mystery! Why little kids: very young? Evidently there has to be reasons… somebody or more people are up to No Good. Period. Cold, pure LOGIC.

  • Egypt Nepthys says:

    Saint Malo…camp for boys. Hmmmm pedophilia city. The instructor who went to fetch him is the murderer. Soft target chosen.


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