The Motorola Moto Z4 is a solid phone for die-hard Moto Z-series fans or 5G early adopters, but the Google Pixel 3a XL is a far better value for everyone else. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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7 thoughts on “Motorola Moto Z4 Review”

  • I got nose surgery and I asked my dad if I could get a new phone and he said yes. And I said the Moto z4 the newest one that came out. 😈😈


  • Moto Z4 specs that are > than the Pixel 3a XL:
    Better Processor
    Bigger display + smaller foot print
    No Bezels
    Stereo Speakers
    More storage
    Expandable storage
    In screen fingerprint scanner
    Moto mods

    The Pixel has a marginally better camera but the Z4's 48 MP rear camera is no slouch.

  • It is not "similar" to google 3a's processor. Pixel 3a has LAST YEAR'S 670 processor and this has the new 675. That's the equivalent of saying the galaxy s10 has a similar processor as the galaxy s9. No mention of the 48mp sensor on back, OIS, augment reality cameras, NIGHT VISION, and wopping 25mp camera on front. No mention of the 3,600 2 day battery.

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