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26 thoughts on “NECA Terminator 2 Judgment Day John Connor SDCC 2019 Exclusive | Video Review”

  • The Review Spot says:

    If you’re interested in picking up pieces like this, AlterEgoComics.com want to offer you the viewers a discount code SPOT15 to take $15 off a minimum purchase of $150. One use per household. So feel free to use this coupon code and save yourself some money!!

  • And here's the time when we need a T-800 with a, harley then we can , finally make that scene where arnold saves john from the T-1000 in the truck

  • His "runners" are actually Air Jordan 5 . It's a decent sculpt of them but the color is off and they need a Jumpman on the tongue.

  • I really want this. Like badly! But, I’m still kind of annoyed that this was a sdcc Exclusive. This should just be a regular release. Hopefully soon we get Arnold’s Harley from the movie next. I wish he was able to hold the t-800 arm in his backpack, but it might take away from the sculpt. Great review as always buddy! A little off topic, but how bad do you want the rest of the team from predator?

  • Nick Stahl is the name you were trying to think of, Spot. Many will probably also remember him from Sin City (albeit under heavy makeup as Roark Jr.) or as a child actor starring alongside Mel Gibson in the 1993 film The Man Without A Face. He recently filed for divorce in June.

  • Alright I think this is the best Likeness your going to get In 6” scale , it’s as close it comes to looking like Furlong. Come on people it doesn’t say Public Enemy because Neca would have had to acquire the rights to that logo which would’ve costed them more $$ only for a one time use on his shirt ? so that is why it’s blank !

  • £70+ for it though!! I hope Neca release a stand alone figure without the bike and rethink the head sculpt. The endoskeleton arm is a cool accessory.

  • G"N"R is missing from the rear fender of the bike ,more copyright stuff but if you really wanted to you could add it yourself.

  • Anthony Badessa says:

    "CALL TO JOHN" btw i liked the (Disturbing Behavior) Reference Spot, a real Underated, under Mentioned Movie, Featuring a young James Marsden, but back too the Topic, Now that there's a John Connor/Dirtbike Release, maybe they should Do the Harley Motorcycle, Arnie was using to rescue JC! Just a suggestion NECA!…

  • Eiad Tarabulsi says:

    This is a pretty good John Connor figure. The default head sculpt looks way better than the interchangeable one. The shirt doesn't have public enemy on it like it does in the movie, which makes its omission quite odd. The motorcycle is nicely done. With that aside, thanks as always Spot. I really appreciate the hard work!

  • NICKREAPER316 says:

    Shit, why the fuck did this have to be an SDCC exclusive? I always wanted a young John Connor figure when I was little. And I guess I'll still never have one.

  • My only tattoo is on my right shoulder. It says No Fate. Edward Furlong was great in American History X, and a found footage movie called Jimmy and Judy. I have low expectations for the new movie, but it will be nice to have a new Terminator film with Sarah Hamilton in it.

  • Thanks for the review Spot. I broke down and bought it on Ebay. Wallet took a punch but I can't NOT HAVE the final figure to complete my T2 family. I suspect the figure will be released again later without the bike.

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