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14 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions 📞”

  • Marvid Eladiv says:

    Irving had ratcheted this renewed rivalry up at Thursday’s promotional event when he acknowledged Kevin Durant’s absence and added: “But for the time being, we’re going to take over the whole entire city. It’s about us.’’

  • Jason Richards says:

    I wonder if LIKE ME most of the knick fans ABSOLUTELY
    KNEW the knicks were going to FIND a way to BLOW
    this game and that JULIUS RANDLE would ONCE AGAIN
    be a TURNOVER MACHINE in the game ANYTIME
    it got close .. Leaders WIN games for You …NOT
    LOSE THEM and this is the SECOND time ALREADY
    He's the REASON the KNICKS LOST on the LAST
    possession .. IT MAKES ME SICK KNOWING they
    SHOULD BE 2 AND 0 to at LEASE start the season
    on a GOOD NOTE

  • What happened to DSJ don't tell me he'll be rallying bust now, he was in the starting lineup in Dallas. Do you miss the Porzingis.

  • DSJ is a liability on both offense and defense Get him outa here now 😠. Coach FITZ should already know who his players and subs are ,get him outa here now !

  • told ya knick's are garbage just let the kids rock rest of the season fuck plan b and fire Mills! wish for a top 3 pick
    fucking team is embarrassment
    Macron's false hope take's gotta stop he playing himself consistently

  • Good teams find a way to win,bad teams find a way to lose.Obviously there is some unseen pressure to playing for the Knicks cause the new guys are struggling.

  • I would like Knox to start because he spreads the floor and doesn’t force like Morris , his iso is kind of annoying, I can’t believe people are really saying fire fiz, I think we just need to put a line up in place and stick with it, no more flip flopping,

  • I feel like to close the game, the young guys should play… rj Trier frank Knox and mitch gives you offense and defense and speed. Everyone can also switch

  • I like Fiz as a person, but if the Knicks start 2 and 10, Fiz will be on death watch. There is no way that the media and fans won't be killing him, so that the pressure to change coaches will make it inevitable. Maybe he goes a little longer, but if they are mostly losing with these players, there is no way Fiz can survive. If I'm Perry, I've got Rick Pitino's phone number in my phone on speed dial. We need a real coach to turn this team around quickly.
    I might start Frank at the 2 tomorrow and RJ at the 1. Let's see what Frank can do with Kemba.

    Zo should have been in there at the end of the game, because he could get to the basket and the foul line and that is what we needed. I have been saying this since his first summer game last year- his ability to get to the basket and foul line is so important. That's something that Frank can't do. Actually, Frank should go to the G League, not DSJ. Everything you guys said about DSJ applies more to Frank. Frank needs to play 35 min./game to get confidence and work on his offense. You guys are writing DSJ off too soon.

  • Tough loss….but we have to brace ourselves for these types of games until January!

    I know Julius is the most hated athlete in NY tonight…but, we have to remember he is still learning how to lead. He’s being asked to do a lot more…it’s gonna look bad at times for him and the team as a whole!

    Lastly, we don’t need to “Fire Fiz”. I’ll keep saying this, we will continue to look like a dysfunctional franchise if we keep flipping coaches every 2 years! Fiz has to figure out this team another reason why it will be ugly for a short (hopefully) while!

    Frank has to play and we have to hit free throws!!! 16/28 for the free throw line in a 4pt loss, can’t blame Fizdale and Randle for that!

  • Knox should start….period. He spreads the floor which compliments RJ and Randle perfectly. Morris Is an iso player…have him come off the bench.

    Also….man we need a PG.

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