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39 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis, Caller Reactions 📞”

  • At some point you have to get a little bit lucky. Weather its luck in lottery position and getting the top pick or the fact that your picks regardless where they are picked at exceed expectations. Of the top 5 players in the NBA a few were #1 overall and a few werent even in the top 10. Or maybe we can get lucky in FA. We just havent really had someone blossom into a star or superstar here in quite some time.

  • Should of known they were gonna suck from the beginning!! they don't need these wins they need development stop with the bulshit they need wins smh and frank is a false hope brick layer

  • kenyatte whaley says:

    I made this comment before but I'm going to have to make it again. I live in Atlanta. I purchased NBA league pass just so I can see my beloved Knicks. But I might as well had just taken that money and flushed it down the toilet. We really stink bad. I mean real bad😒

  • Where’s the Frank Fans who wanted him to start so bad because he’s so great defensively. Crying “If he only had a chance”. Dummies

  • Wasnt Franks best game, but Din only scored maybe 8 pts. on him. Teams switch Frank off their best player on purpose. Same with the other PGs that had big games, only a few points were scored on Frank.

  • @CP would you do Josh Richirdson and Zhaire Smith and a first round pick for Marcus Morris …would PHI do this Morris goes back home we get a yound piece a defensive player is J Rich and a first.

  • iamcashporter says:

    What about iggy????? Were wasting our time waiting for frank shot to hit its embarrassing as a team mean while iggy scoring 36

  • Lol knox is not a post player wtf is this guy talking about hes an idiot … if Kevin knox cant fucming guard taurean prince he should be his ass on the bench…. Knox is a wing he models hes not banging out or grabbing rebounds

  • CP The Artist says:

    We can't be patient. Yeah i am tired of the losing too but, i am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with Frank, Knox, RJ, Mitch, and Trier. let the process take its course. growth is not linear!!!

  • The league doesn’t want the Knicks to be good with Dolan running the show. I’m telling you our team is better than this but these refs are out to get us. They want Dolan to sell so bad and until he does, the league is gonna try to make his life miserable. Us fans are what’s keeping Dolan at the helm cause we still pay no matter what the results.

  • CP The Artist says:

    The roster isn't that bad. there's atleast 3-4 games that were winnable this year. that problem is micro. Im so sick of Ari Negativity

  • RawHebrewRemnant says:

    Starting Knox at the 2 was stupid. Sometimes I wonder if this guy really wants to win. Dot has been playing well, he plays gooid defense. He was the obvious choice. Or even Ellington. But Knox? That allowed Dinwiddie to get off to a hot start.

  • Personally I believe randle and Morris should be split they can’t be on the court together , this politics bs is ridiculous he should be coming off the bench

  • Parrish Dugger says:

    MILL & PERRY MUST BE FIRED FOR NOT EVALUATING RANDLE PROPERLY… He's a level B player and not a heady player… We fans did want him from a far but.. they still has to evaluate his workouts and skill sets.. This has ruined this season.

  • I know you guys say we need a point guard and I agree but in the draft the number one mistake teams make is that they draft for position and not best available if we have a shot at James Wiseman or Anthony Edwards you got to take them a the guard we need can be found in the second round Trey jones among others I know that not sexy but he checks all the boxes defensive minded, floor. General that can get in the paint . I know Cole and Lamelo are sexier picks but we’ll be sorry if we pass on a wiseman or Edwards

  • The loses don’t bother me what bother me is the young guys are not getting better Knox has digressed DSJ is played better next year Frank is but the only reason we know that is Payton got hurt

  • Agent SuperArgo says:

    I know the KNICKS don't have the worst record in the league….but Damn these losses are becoming comical…they rest of the league let their young players play…what the F#!$@ are we doing?😒😒

  • Ahdunaizedek Yahuuahshayahuuah Ben Yahuuah says:

    Keep improving is all I will say, all these Playoff teams they're playing well against. Part of the growing pains.

  • MachoManLogic345 says:

    Positives: Marcus Morris is balling (great trade value). Knicks overall defense is pretty good.

    Negatives: Knicks have a putrid offense. None of the young players are developing the right way. It’s like they took a step back.

  • Playing Frank at Point Guard is like trying to play Andre Igudola at Point Guard. He is good at a lot of things offensively but not great. Defense is his calling card. He should be played beside DSJ or Trier and move RJ to small forward.

  • Mills & Fizdale gotta go….i would keep perry because he is not really calling the shots right now,the mere fact that this man refuse to play Allonzo Trier and he can actually give you something tells me he is just str8 up absent minded,my question is how long do fiz go on like this B4 knicks make a move

  • Mills needs to go this off season along with everyone else he hired!! I'd give perry a chance but that's it! I'm done for the season. I can't this team don't care about winning but individual stats, Randle is damn awful! We lost against The nets bench?! You have That nerd Richard jefferson talking sh*t. This team is not worth watching anymore we are gonna have so many losses it gonna be worst than last yr. Absolutely Pathetic team.

  • Its hard to listen to this when these guys don't mention Trier. The team consistently has slow starts and Trier is not an option?? The Knicks are going to look so stupid when Trier goes to another team next year and shows the Knicks what they had. This will be worse than when OKC let James Harden go and found out he was a better player than they thought.

  • Speaking of Mitch's role, he should be putting up the 12-15 foot jumper when the ballcomes to him. The defense slacks off of him to double Randle in the paint. Mitch is shooting 76% from the free throw line, better than most of his team mates.

  • Do you trust Mills and Perry to rebuild? They said they wanted defense, but drafted Knox, who can't play defense. Doesn't inspire confidence. Frank is a bench player. Ok, Frank is Jackson's pick. Mitch is afraid to shoot the ball and is inconsistent.

  • Trier is the best player on the team at getting to the basket and foul line and is also a good foul shooter. How many times did he bring the Knicks back last year? He carried the team on his back so many times. His iso game is a big plus for the team. All great players have an iso game. He is also passing more and good at setting guys up. Last year he helped Dotson a lot by getting the ball to him. If Fiz doesn't play Iso he should be fired.

    Ellington shot well and had a good game, but he only scored 12 points in 28 minutes. Trier could score 18 points in 28 minutes, so how is Ellington better? Dotson too has not been scoring much for his minutes. Trier is a better choice, because he can outscore his defensive problems. Dotson and Ellington are nothing special on offense.

    Time to start DSJ and turn him loose. Frank plays 32 minutes and only scores 8 points. It's just not enough. And his defense, though good, is not as good as claimed. He's not a point guard. Frank as a starting pg is a terrible choice. Worst thing is that he gives us no leadership and can't take control of a game when needed.

    Trade Morris and we don't win 20 games. We need Jeremy Lin. Getting into the lane and scoring and distributing is what he does very well. Defense not great, but for now, he would be great, exactly what we need. We would see Linsanity 2.

  • Marvid Eladiv says:

    The difinition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result every time. Why is fecking Fitzdale not playing Allonzo Trier and Iggy? The team is struggling and incompetant Fitzdale not playing these players! knicks players thinking about next season already All these loses has to be wearing on players psychologically. After every loss Fitzdale is making excuses to keep his Job. How many excuses will Fitzdale make after knicks loses this season?

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