New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers Post Game REPLAY: Highlights, Analysis, Caller Reactions 📞. CP & J. Ellis recap the Knicks vs. Sixers game. LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!.

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30 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis, Caller Reactions 📞”

  • I honestly think the offense should run thru Frank. He’s calm and collected and doesn’t force the issue. Fizdale needs to realize this and hold Morris and Randle accountable for there iso ball

  • I know Frank is still young and still learning but I guarantee he should be the leader of this team and we will get plenty more ball movements and better defense

  • In the 3rd quarter of letter at the same lineup me the deficit even bigger and then started the bench in the 4th quarter and finished with the starters

  • CP The Artist says:

    Sergio vs Ari reminds me of Ether vs The Take Ova.
    Jay Z's Take Ova had more facts but Naz's Ether had insults that fans were craving for. Sergio should have won if he sprinkled some of Randle's deficiencies.
    I am still Team Sergio

  • if The knicks are going to go all in on this defensive identity they should add three players to the roster/rotation:
    Kadeem Allen, Reggie Bullock, Kenny Wooten
    And subtract
    Bobby Portis, DSJ and Kevin Knox.
    You must earn your minutes by contributing defensively!

  • Told y'all. The Knicks aren't a hungry team. They don't play to win. They play to stay in the game and relax when they should be pushing harder.. Sad sad sad.. And again… NO COMMITMENT TO DEFENSE!

  • Tuff loss against a very good team remember Philly actually might get to the finals this was frank best offensive game he had dsj looked good they both were hitting there shots and being aggressive this is why i always say this is a offensive league especially for guards fiz needs to step in and take control get the ball out of morris and Randal hand

  • 6:40 in the 4th Randle stares down Mike Scott at the 3pt line instead of getting his hands up and challenging the open 3.Beginning of the end.

  • The chat did a popularity contest tonight Sergio clearly won. Ari voice was crackin under the facts… He said "no no no mad @1:05:50". He might end up right at the end of the season, but he still lost the fight… "Young, durable, with All-Star potential on an under market contract" Ari couldn't say anything to that besides "You're a Delusional Randle fan" and that he doesn't live up to this yet less than a 1/5 of the way through the season … All of us, including people in the chat have asked for players that have more turnovers than Randle… People say that the PER is trash and unusable … I understand that stats can be misleading, but he did say he was 16-11-3 on 50%fg which is nicely comparable to those borderline stars he is more efficient than… So that mean's he achieves similar results on better moves… There's a chance that we get a star that people ask for and we misuse them too. A winning or losing season has a lot more to do with a whole situation than a single player even if his mishaps stick out a bit more so trying to invalidate those stats as not translating to winning doesn't do it. Ari said "you are only relevant because of me" dead like a republican son. Tell me not that's dead something trump would say in a debate, those exact words … Reminds me of why I don't read knicks news media–it's just hella negative right now and doesn't give the season a chance and I can say I got swept up in that too. It's sensational media … I don't even feel right complaining about fiz anymore after that. Younger folks liked Ari. I slandered Randle too, but after that I feel crazy … even if we misuse Randle enough to prove Ari right, he still lost and Sergio's way is the way. 'typical knicks fan always cryin' till the front office gets enough pressure and they blow it up' … that hit me right in the gut and I know that you all know exactly what he's talkin about too. Ari in the last video said "numbers don't lie" and then this episode went on to say "the years of stats are meaningless".

  • I made a comment in the CHAT last night. I would like to retract it. I said that " Only 1 team gets the calls in Philly " Referring to the 76ers and Embiid and how he gets fouled every time he has the ball at home. I was wrong in saying that. And I apologize. The Eagles get their share of the calls 2. Philly is a tough place to play.

  • I like how competitive the knicks have been since the spontaneous press conference…. this was one of those games we should've had them….the 3rd qtr we were on fire!…..Frank was confident….not to mention we wasn't getting no calls tonight….

  • Horrible loss. The main thing I took away from the game was " this team is filled with guys who can't shoot" Some can score but collectively they can't shoot. Coach took the starters out late in the third rather than leaving them in. Randle and Morris want to be the man so they each go hero ball. RJ wants to be the man, but he's not that dude, " sorry RJ fans " Some mentioned RJ being wide open in the corner and not getting the ball. Well, I have no problem with him not getting it, he's not a good shooter. But overall despite everything, if this team could make a jump on a semi-consistent basis we would be over 500..

  • Marcus Morris Is First Round Pick Worthy… We Need To Trade him to Teams That Will Be Borderline Playoff Teams. Have a shot to be in the lottery. (Blazers-Timberwolves-Pistons)

  • Agent SuperArgo says:

    I don't blame Fiz…but I'm starting to wonder how many people on his coaching staff keep agreeing with him about so many decisions he's been wrong on.😒😒

  • This came apart in the 3rd, did Fiz make a mistake by subbing in the 2nd unit? Or did he just wait too long to bring the starters back in? That was the main debate in tonight's post game show. Also thought there was too much hero ball down the stretch. Mook and Randle gotta move the rock more. Caller reactions start at 16:50, DON'T MISS SERGIO VS. ARI PART 2! 1:05:00

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