New York Knicks vs. San Antonio Spurs Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis, Caller Reactions 📞. CP & J. Ellis recap the Knicks vs. Spurs game. LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!.

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24 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. San Antonio Spurs Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis, Caller Reactions 📞”

  • Play the Youngsters I don't know why Bradekis is in the g league and Iso Zo isn't playing would be great especially playing with Mitchell and because he can go to the bucket at will could help improve Kevin if the shot isn't there on a pass out to him and others if you're going to play position less basketball give him point two guard designation U could have Frank Nitti and him even starting along with the young core including Dots and the only retread Marcus who's making an impact I don't hate Fiz but he's at best a good bench coach mainly because of his wrong and indecisive decisions and if the Knicks by mid season aren't hovering around the 500 mark or better he's gotta go

  • Can we please attack the basket when the shots aren’t falling ???? Why are these guys so in love with the shot…..can we please attack the rim when we ina slump like that please 😔😔😔

  • William Mason says:

    The fact that Julius is being played as a #1 option is totally on the coaching staff. His contract is not bad for a double double guy but RJ Barrett should be our #1 option and Julius and Morris should be #2, #3

  • CP The Artist says:

    You have to put the responsibility on the Coach if the playing habits of the players are consistently bad.

    We have 15 game sample size of the same things! Randle turn overs and bad perimeter defense. Every loss we have had is the same thing. What's the definition of insanity?

  • CP The Artist says:

    If they won't bench Randle atleast make him accountable by ripping into him. I played on teams that didn't keep the star player accountable, it sends a negative message to the rest of the roster. Fiz sees what we see. Why isn't he holding Randle accountable like he did Trier, Knoxx, and others?

  • Frank and mitch only players giving 150 percent on both ends of court. The ball stops moving once morris or Randle gets ball. They should trade morris n randle bring up iggy. Again we need to bring in players defensive minded

  • 1)At no time does Ellington deserve Knox minutes
    2) When will Mitch start playing 30 minutes a night?
    3) Randle will be fine once he settles in 15 games is not enough time to judge anyone.
    4)When you playin zone that’s gonna leave the three line open(coaching)

  • Defending the paint while the whole of civilization is shooting 3's?I mean even the Westchester Knicks are getting lit up from the 3 pt line.This is the fundamental problem with Fizdales coaching tenure, and seems to be a misjudgment of the whole organization.

  • I'll say it again the defense is not the problem its the inconsistent offence this is a offensive league especially for guards you only really need to lock down on defense last 5 minutes of 4th quarter we have to be able to score at the same scoring pace or better than the other teams we are dead last in offence in every offensive category mike woodson was the last coach that let players play to there strength if hes a offensive player let the player give us offence if hes a defense player let him play defense every coach we hire says the same thing we gotta play defense but there taking squares trying to fit into circles play the players to there strength

  • Everyone screaming sell the team ..ok explain to me how selling the team will help this team win games. Listen it don’t matter who owned this team the results will be the same. Give me a good coach and a good GM then we can talk about selling the team because we haven’t seen a good coach since pat riley and JVG. Smdh fire Fiz and get rid of mills/perry plain and simple

  • Why isn't Portis a starter? It's like every single game he's getting high shooting percentages. Again, this isn't a bad team but what you're saying is exactly right, they need adjustments.

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