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46 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions”

  • That caller @ 48:20 hit it on the head, Knicks fans looking to bring back the 90's but the league has changed. They need a GM with a vision and full autonomy to build a roster to compete in todays NBA. 90's was a great era for NYK but being honest they didn't achieve the ultimate goal, got hot and got to the finals but they were never supposed to be there then got swept, you wanna build out like the Pistons in 03' i'm all for giving that a shot but again, the league has changed, they don't want defense, they want half court shots. Team needs to be redone top to bottom, they'll be shit until they address the real issue.

  • As a Raps fan I've seen this team transition from the Dwayne Casey rebuild until now. Casey was right for the program for the time he was here, until his O& D started to become too predictable and stagnant. I remember when his timeouts would produce no difference in momentum whether on O or D. Nurse is the right guy for this team right now. The guys are all engaged in timeouts because they're expecting something different everytime and he brings it. Everybody is sold on D on this team. Don't feel too bad NY, Raps D stopped Lebron, Kawhi and Embiid all in the same week too.

  • CP The Artist says:

    Everyone is saying we should have drafted better and whining about the development…..but no one is saying whom we should have drafted over Knox, Mitch, and Trier. I wish people stop their whining.

    THESE SAME KNICKS WON'T NEVER BE PATIENT WITH PASCAL!! PASCAL WAS TRASH FOR 2-3 YEARS. But he was develop. Knicks fans got no patience

  • Raptor fan here. Tough seeing the Knicks hurt like this. The problems lie with that owner of yours.James Dolan is trash and I can't see things turning around unless he sells the team. And don't rely on the 2020 draft either. The way things are going those ping pong balls are gonna bounce GSW's way. Good luck for the remainder of the season!!

  • I hear many keep talking about Pop as a Coach. It shows me that we need an OLD SCHOOL coach to set the culture and teach the Team the Basics that is needed to be a TEAM

  • Respect from Up North would love ya guys to blog on my Raps great content gonna comeback when we play ya again.Happy Thanksgiving to all ya.

  • CP The Artist says:

    I watched the game from the Toronto Broadcast. They said Fizdale is running an offensive that Golden State would run and its foolish because he doesn't have the personnel. They said that Knicks on paper the knicks have better players then the Hawks but the Knicks aren't playing to the players strengths.

    I didn't see enough pick and rolls. The Zone is a joke.

  • Daniel Zabolotny says:

    RJ Barrett 5-17 with 4 turnovers some of those shots could have gone to other players that's 12 misses I played on organized team's including college with players like this that ball hog

  • I believe that the reason why the team is losing is Fitz fault for not putting a system in play last season. Because he didn't do that, FO was not sure what kind of players to bring in that could fit into Fitz's system because he didn't establish a system. So we have a bunch of players who mesh together.

  • Let me be clear. It's just my opinion.

    Fizzdale was chosen up by Perry and Mills to coach KP, Kanter and young promising guys – Mitch, Knox, Trier, Frank, DOT and THJ. This was all about attracting at least one superstar Free Agent in the summer of 2019. This wasn't about coaching the 3rd and 4th tier players to reach 8th seed in the east. The plan was to create near future superteam with superstars and young stars. We all know how it ended. Again. Fizzdale is tired to coach middle level players, FO is tired to see how their coach is doing. There isn't quick and painless way to get out of this mess. All you can do is keep and play some of your young guys, get a new coaching staff, get some high picks and start over at the end of this season.

  • Gennadiy Kilimnik says:

    Lol we got our asses kicked tonight bad, so how much more CP and you Jay you going to drink SHITZDALE kool aid and preach to us fans that knicks to keep him?
    Or better yet lets bring other couple of Dolans cronies to the show such as Allan Hann or Scherbiak and hear their excuses yet again.
    I wish there was an alternate universe where different owner owned a team.
    Or if there is finally a time where fans finally unite all fans from rich to poor and boycott Knicks season.
    Because its time not to show up to games so the entire MSG would be empty !

  • And ima write this into existence:
    Fred Van Vleet (FA)
    Frank Nlikina
    Joe Harris (FA)
    Kevin Knox
    Andre Drummond (FA)
    Markus Howard (2nd round)
    Anthony Edwards (1st round)
    Obi Toppin (pick received trade for Randle and Morrris )
    Mitchell Robinson
    Kenny Wooten

  • Ian Goodridge says:

    This Knicks team have no identity!!! The young players are regressing under this coach!! Iq rubs off from the coach to the players and the Knicks play like the dumbest team in the league!!!! When I watched them get destroyed at the Garden live with my son vs the Kings…. I knew this season was going to be a wash!!! And I got the Kings tickets because I thought the Knicks would definitely beat them 🤦‍♂️😂😂

  • I not ever gonna ask for someone to lose their job but good coaches come up with system to fit the personal bad coaches try to fit their system into personal that obviously can’t fit

  • This is what drives me crazy about the Knicks they identify Trier as a player (he was Iso then) then he comes in and you convert his two way deal to a regular contract ( still Iso) now you liked his game enough to do all that and now you don’t play him ?

  • For people who keep talking about Franks scoring it will come around give it time he’s improving ( even if it’s slowly)….Check out Steve Nash scoring numbers his first 4 years ..In year 3 & 4 he averaged almost the same minutes as Frank maybe lower also about a point or 2 higher and almost same assists and all around game & everyone was being down on him, but he eventually figured it out. I see Frank as a Nash type with better defense just can’t let misses affect him he can shoot, just needs to be consistent. Right now he’s shooting without hesitation so if he keeps doing that he will see some makes( hopefully) as for the rest of the team RJ should be used a bit differently and Knicks should try this lineup….Frank,Dot,RJ,Morris,Robinson or Frank,RJ,Morris,Taj,Robinson….Bench could then be DSJ,Ellington or Dot, Knox, Randle or Taj.

  • If we can play them tough for a quarter and a half, we can play them tough for a half. Or a full game. Toronto is a good team. Pat Riley couldn't coach this Knicks team to the playoffs. That's what Fizdale has to work with. Randle came out firing. But not on D. He is one " lazy ass " defender. He dont waste any energy on D. None at all. He lets anybody do whatever they want to do with the ball.

  • we putting too much energy into each individual game thats why this shit hurts so bad lol, just let this one (season) go, hopefully are youth takes some steps forward

  • I don't understand why the trigger on Fizdale hasn't been pulled yet. It's doing nothing but hurting the young guys. He knows he's done, the FO knows it too. It's just feeding into the narrative that the Knicks are clueless.

  • Tonight the Raptors beat the Knicks by 28 points (not that big of a deal) to improve to 13-4, 8-0 at home. They played 11 players – 6 undrafted, 2 second round picks, and 3 late first round picks – 23rd, 23rd and 27th. Lottery, Shmottery!

  • Ok.Want to give an open apology to Charles Barkley,Stephen A Smith,Richard Jefferson,ESPN,and anyone who has criticized the Knicks organization for the Proginzas trade,their free agent acquisitions,coaching decisions,Gm decisions,The owner, and draft picks.You were right the Knicks suck.Side note we do have a bunch of dogs.Female dogs.Get it?

  • I must applaud you two for doing these shows for us fans. This season is a train wreck and honestly, we need to focus on the young guns or should we say” The Yute Movement” Fizdale to me isn’t a head coach and Mills has to go. NBA needs to step in and force a firing or something and hire a Basketball knowledge person to take over.

  • Hey, keep the grind going guys. Being a Knicks fan and doing this podcast shows how dedicated of a fan you are! Keep it coming!

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