Our Halong Bay Cruise was our next stop in beautiful Halong Bay Vietnam. This Halong Bay cruise was our 2 day and 1 night boat cruise which began from a bus ride from Hanoi to Halong Bay. If you’re thinking about Vietnam travel, this is the trip for you. This video is part 3 of our visit and vacation in Vietnam. After speaking with our travel agent one visit came to mind. And this was to take a Halong bay cruise or Halong bay tour. The options were 3 star to 5 star boats. We chose the 3 star as the 5 star options were extremely expensive and I would say not for your regular traveler. Just a quick FYI, this place is popular now and looks like the growth around it is on a scale to more than triple its’ volume within the next year or two. So if you’re thinking about a Halong Bay Cruise or just visiting Halong Bay Vietnam, you’d need to do it now. The beaches were extremely small and busy, and so was the cavern. So keep the crows in mind if you’re not a crowd person.

Our travels started in Ho Chi Minh City and went to Hanoi for the night. We were up bright and early to catch our 7:30AM bus. The bus wouldn’t fit on our street so we had to walk at least two blocks with our luggage to the bus. Pack light if you’re on a side street. When we arrived, it was HOT, extremely; we’d advise sunscreen as well. Then a smaller boat took us to our boat. Then there a trip to the Halong Bay Cave, Halong Bay beach for an hour or so and then back to the boat for dinner and light drinks. Our room was ok. The only issue was that the AC could not be on 100% of the time. But so far, if you’re looking for things to do in Hanoi Vietnam, this is a must day trip.

There is also the trip to the Halong Bay pearl farm that you can visit the second day in the morning and then in the afternoon and before heading back to shore and to the bus, there was a quick lesson in how to make summer eggrolls with the see through paper. The main chow hall was just ok. Nothing special. But because they did have an AC Chiller, it was a good spot to hang out.

Our trip goals while in Vietnam: Our first stop when we finally met up was for Vietnamese food, or should I say Vietnamese street food. And then we began to find a tour place to book our Vietnam tour. We wanted to see Halong Bay of course and to take a Halong Bay cruise. And also take a boat ride on the Mekong river. Vietnam tourism is big. I mean really big. Lots of tourist.

You can contact our tour company
Hoang Daily Tours
Yung was our Travel Agent
+84 79 529 3407
She speaks English and was our new best friend while there. Flights, tours and basic information.

We also wanted to make sure we went to Hanoi Vietnam and to visit the Hanoi Hilton which was very intense. We caught this just in time when the bus got back to Hanoi from Halong Bay. I’d definitely make this visit. Oh, one other thing to note; the Vietnam Economy is one which is friendly to the US dollar. Keep that in mind.

As a child I grew up with the Vietnam war up until 1975 when the war ended. I’ve watched all of the Vietnam war movies. Platoon, Full Metal Jacket to name two. Which had special meaning since I’m a former Marine. All of the Vietnam war songs still stay in my head.

After Hanoi and Halong Bay was Da Nang Vietnam and of course Da Nang Beach. Our hotel was right across the street from the beach. While in Da Nang, we took a Grab to Hoi An Vietnam which was about a 30 minute drive. And I think this was my 5th Vietnamese massage. But after this we ended up back in Saigon.

I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to go to Asia. Please comment on what you think of our adventure.

Moving from Washington D.C. & Houston, TX. to Medellin, Colombia. With the goal of traveling the entire globe. My passport is my favorite book.

source: https://pub-ed-inquiry.org

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