RELIVE one of the MOST SHOCKING moments in game show HISTORY when Press Your Luck contestant, Michael Larson won $110,237 in 1984 by GAMING the game show SYSTEM!

WORKING his way through the show by MEMORIZING the patterns of the game board! These BACK-TO-BACK episodes will have EVERYONE STUNNED at the outcome!

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36 thoughts on “Press Your Luck – The MOST SHOCKING game show contestant in HISTORY! | BUZZR”

  • Not cheating but he still had an unfair advantage over the other contestants though. It's like going into Jeopardy as a contestant and a producer prior to the show told you what all of the questions were going to be prior to the taping. He didn't give the answer to the those questions but he gave you time enough to research. It's not only unfair, it takes of the fun out of of the game when one contestant is slaughtering the other contestants. I'm in no way implying that Jennings or Holzhauer had unfair advantages but it was boring AF watching them slaughter contestants week after week after week. It takes the fun out of the game. Anyway it's beating a dead horse. The man is dead, PYL changed the board afterwards and CBS had a cap of $25,000 on game shows at the time anyway. Let it go people

  • Carmencita Davis says:

    I'm just wondering how much money would he have won, if he kept hitting the 3000 4000 and 5000 big bucks only along with the prizes he won.

  • He gamed the game. The all time legend and dormy of a game show….ever. Does anyone know if Ed and Janie are still around? 35 years is awhile.

    Oh yeah the best part of the show 40:55

  • Brandon Bennetzen says:

    Please note that after this episode, the producers put in five different patterns and a week later put five different patterns. Eventually they updated the software to have 32 random patterns to throw off anyone else who might emulate Michael Larson's feat. On top of that for the rest of the original run CBS imposed a $75,000 hard cap.

  • Anthony Guarino says:

    As of today, the biggest money score is $127,000+ set by a female contestant in 2019: $2,000 in the main game and $125,127 in the bonus round on PYL revival in 2019.

  • Joey Baseball says:

    Larson is the goat. It's a shame he screwed himself by doing shady practices after the show. And he was also dumb by taking out all his money in cash afterwards, which caused him to get robbed.

  • Lee T. Walker says:

    Someone on another posting of this pointed this out: In the spin following the 23:37 point, Larson hits the $1000-and-a-spin. But he's credited with TWO thousand extra dollars (see 23:58 point).

    Not trying to take away from Larson's accomplishment or change the iconic $110,237 amount, but it's funny to see such an error.

  • 20:30 – Tonight at 9pm Eastern, see Game 5 of the 1984 NBA World Championship. The Los Angeles Lakers take on Boston Celtics, tonight live on CBS Sports.

  • I still recall contacting Fremantle 2 years ago asking if any of their old episodes were for sale, and they didn't have any.


  • ThisGuyisBoring says:

    Fun fact: During the 2001 reboot of Press Your Luck ("Whammy!") that aired on GSN, there was a reunion episode featuring Ed, Jamie, and Larson's brother James (Michael had died in '99). Funny enough, even with an extremely complicated board, James managed to win, continuing the legacy.

  • Hebrew_19•_• Tribe of Judah says:

    How can someone cheat at there own big board😂😂. It’s common sense, if you study it like Larson did, then you’ll know why Michael Larson won it💯. But 2019 PYL they got over $10,000G, tryna surpass Michael larson

  • Some Random Guy says:

    Damn, all the comments on here are all whiny bitching over the word "cheater" being used. Like, holy crap, you people are more toxic than Pokémon fans.

  • mister met - cool guy and friend says:

    31:57 Poor Ed… needs over $96,000 to pass Michael… and hits a whammy. Now he needs over $100K (21 $5,000 + a spins)!

  • mister met - cool guy and friend says:

    31:30 I'm sure CBS was overjoyed that he stopped… they could have made a whole episode of just Michael!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mister met - cool guy and friend says:

    do you notice how Janie's in first by a long shot, Ed second, and Michael third at the end of round 1? When James Larson appeared on Whammy!, it went the same way (except James hit a whammy at the end of round 1 on Whammy!).

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