All flights had to be cancelled as crowds of protesters occupied Hong Kong’s main air terminal, bringing it to a standstill. (Subscribe:

In an ominous statement, the authorities in Beijing said things had reached a ‘critical juncture’ and declared there should be ‘no leniency or mercy’ shown to those involved in violence. Hong Kong police have defended their crowd control tactics over the weekend – after tear gas was fired in a train station – and a female protestor was shot in the eye. A warning – there are distressing images of the violence in this report.


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21 thoughts on “Protesters bring Hong Kong airport to standstill”

  • A witch told me there is a plan for every witch in the world to take over the world and first you will see lots of pro test around the world then earth quakes and volcanic eruptions then major storms?!?!?!

  • squash all these violent rioters, otherwise they will destroy hk. if they like uk, send them there…they are good news maker. the news businesses there will love them

  • It was proven she's not shot by a bullet but a broken glass. That's why she didn't progress to sue the police. Go research on how violent and aggressive the protestors are and see how other country's police forces would react if all that happened to them. There's always two side of the story, don't rely on a single source of information. All media are biased, they wish for the unrest to continue. Depressing

  • 世界各地媒体上显示的图片正在削弱香港抗议者的支持。 我相信,北京正在等待实现这一目标。 当全世界大多数人开始谴责对香港的毁坏时,香港警察将开枪射击人民,中国将派遣军队。 这些抗议早就达到了革命的水平。 在我看来,这越来越像战争。

  • I am a HongKonger, my whole family lives in Hongkong for about 100 years. Hong Kong Police Force focuses on defending, protecting and serving Hong Kong people only. Those rioters tried very hard to destroy Hong Kong and destroy the reputation of Hong Kong Police Force. What actually do they want?

    They said That woman who covered her eyes received five millions Hong Kong dollars from the unrest makers. At the beginning the head of the unrest makers wanted to give her HK$30,000,000.00 to make a false statement to damage the reputation of Hong Kong Police Force. She declined the offer. Why she declined the offer? The fact is that the other rioter damaged her eye by mistake, not the police. She received five millions to cover the true and keeps silent. Hong Kong Police Force obtained a court order in order to request her medical record of this case from the hospital. That woman lived in government public housing with her parent. Now, she has been deliberately hiding. After she knew the police tried to get her medical records. She got a lawyer (top, expensive one) to try to stop the police to do so. Her lawyer requested the court to stop the police to obtain her medical record. She failed. Hong Kong Police Force has already gotten it. Hong Kong Police Force said they will disclose it at the right timing.

  • In US n UK … Wonder what the police would do if they n their families members are attacked n threaten by mobs in masks? … Those protestors are rioters n mobs would have got real bullets instead of tear gas. The protestors motive is never after peaceful protest but to cause damage n give trouble to the mainland … For their own personal benefits n not the HK at large

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