In this video, we will be taking a look and completing a restoration of a Lenovo ThinkPad L430. Due to the condition of the computer, and a history of a liquid spill, it required a full teardown as well as a few upgrades to get it ready to be sold to a friend I work with. Hope you enjoy it.

This video was recorded back in August/September, however it just sat on my hard drive remaining unedited due to other life events getting in the way.
Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you thought of it.



Outro Music Credit: The Process by Lakey Inspired – you can listen to it here:


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8 thoughts on “Restoring a Lenovo ThinkPad L430”

  • Josh Macdonald-Gugis says:

    Good to see you back around. Always satisfying watching this kind of content while working on other projects. Totally get that about life getting in the way of the free time needed to make videos and work on your own stuff, I'm stuck in the same situation these days.

  • Jordan Woolery says:

    I actually currently daily an L520, with 8GB RAM, 240gb SSD, and a Core i3-2310m CPU. The only reason I'm doing so was 1) in very good shape, and 2) it was very cheap on eBay. So, all in all, while not the best, it's a solid machine for report writing and test-taking. But no doubt it's soon due for replacement.

  • I should really start on my A21M again, I put it away years ago after it developed a fault. It would cut out randomly and restart, I figured it was a board issue and just put it away.

  • I could of swore I was subscribed to you.. But I wasn't. Your username used to be something along the lines of ThinkpadR51? or am I thinking of someone else?

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