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Mappy-Land is a game that I bought fully judging it by its cover. I didn’t look up gameplay just because I wanted to be surprised! It wasn’t what I had wanted but that didn’t make it a bad game. I enjoyed myself despite it being easy and would laugh out loud when I would make silly mistakes. Has anyone else played this game? What do you think about it?

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Music: “Crush At Maracas Bar” by Rolemusic
From the Free Music Archive CC BY

#NES #MappyLand #retrogaming

ESRB: Everyone


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5 thoughts on “Retro Video Game Review – Mappy-Land (NES)”

  • David Herrera says:

    I own the NES cartridge and Wii U virtual Console of this game. Mappy Land is a great game in my opinion. It has a really fun and addictive Arcade gameplay with the ambitious idea to explore around levels to complete them, which works out really good. It's simple, but really fun game. I love the music of this game as well.This game is actually a sequel to a beloved Namco Arcade classic which is simply called Mappy. The original Mappy Arcade game is actually my favorite game of all time. If you enjoy Mappy Land, I recommend to check out the original that started all 🙂 It's a really great game. I personally prefer Mappy over other popular Namco games like Dig Dug, Pacman, and Galaga. There's also other Mappy sequels that are Japan Exclusives like Hopping Mappy for Arcade and Mappy Kids for NES. It's a shame they're only in Japan since they're very enjoyable games as well. I'm a huge fan of the Mappy series 🙂 I even wish that Namco highly consider making a new Mappy sequel one day.

  • Shamoa Krasieski says:

    I remember playing this game as a child. We borrowed it from our cousin. My brothers didn't seem to enjoy it much. But I kinda did, but it took me forever to rediscover it because I couldn't remember the name of it!

  • I wouldn't mind seeing a Shining Soul (GBA) review if you still have it, is there anything you'd like me to review?

    Have you ever thought about doing a play through? We could do it together, I guess an R.P.G. would be the obvious choice, or something we've both never played and see who gets the high score or furthest.

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