Drive From Rome to Nola and Driving through Nola Town.

Nola is a town and a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania Regione, southern Italy.

Nola has a population of 32,000 thousand.

Nola – Autostrade for Italy S.P.A.
Nola – Autostrade Per L’Italia S.P.A.
A30, 80035 Nola NA, Italy
WFPX+M3 S.s. 7BIS, Nola, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Fish – Gelo Di Manzi Antonio
Seafood Market
40 Via Provinciale Per Nola, San Vitaliano, NA 80030, 80030 San Vitaliano NA, Italy
WFPV+R2 San Vitaliano, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Bed & Breakfast Tocqueville
SS7bis, 54, 80032 Casamarciano NA, Italy

Palazzo Giordano Bruno
Hotel Palazzo Giordano Bruno
SS7bis, 321, 80035 Nola NA, Italy

Hotel dei Platani
SS7 Bis, 80035 Nola NA, Italy

Palazzo del Duca di Castelmezzano
Unnamed Road, 80030, 80030 Cimitile NA, Italy

Ortoverde Societa’ Cooperativa Agricola A R.L.
Via Capua, 106, 80030 Camposano NA, Italy

Cicciano Train Station
80033 Cicciano Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Camposano Train Station
80030 Camposano Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Cimitile Train Station
80030 Cimitile Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

Villa Nancy B&B
Via Roma, 129, 80030 Cimitile NA, Italy

Dubai Village
Via Dubai, 1, 80030 Camposano NA, Italy

Vulcano Buono
Shopping Mall
Via Boscofangone, 80035 Nola NA, Italy
WFXQ+W7 Cis, Nola, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

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