6 thoughts on “Rotavirus vaccine kills more kids than rotavirus!!!”

  • Du5tin the Wind says:

    As an x-ray tech… Nobody really wants my opinion.  (Not even the doctor's ordering the x-rays)  But you have my support!

  • Du5tin the Wind says:

    So your saying the pharmaceutical companies that have bought off the government are just pushing vaccines to make more profit?!  Well I agree!  I'm not even against vaccines totally!  (smallpox vaccine seems to have really worked great)  I'm against the lies!!!  I'm of the opinion that we need to be evaluating people's immunity before we jam toxic vaccines into them.  If you're in perfect health I think your body can handle the toxins just fine and they may even do what the companies say and confer immunity, but if your system is compromised the toxins can trigger horrible reactions.  At a glance healthy and immunosuppressed people look identical!

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