6 thoughts on “RTI Post-Game Show: Vols Dominate South Carolina”

  • Here's some food for thought. The 2 win 2018 GA St team is now at 6 wins soundly thumping Troy last night. Will go to a bowl and most likely will get to 9 win (regular season). TN didn't lose to a bad team in week 1.

  • What coach Pruitt does different than most Past UT coaches:

    1. willing to use multiple QB's while utilizing 4D chess moves with his OC

    2. Increases team depth with key rotations getting the bench up to starter standards(Think Saban)

    3. Will use players like Jennings in unconventional ways at QB for T.Martin like draws, short pass and runs, Wildcats.

    4. Never stops recruiting and works the refs, is emotionally invested during games

    5. Is not afraid to go outside his game strategy when needed, even if unconventional (think Steve Spurrier)

    What also makes Pruitt different is he learns from other coaches success at good schools and utilizes these principles to give his team the best chance to win. He does this in every series on Offense and D. Fulmer knows this about Pruitt does not interfere in Pruitt's overall coaching scheme at UT. This is not how its gone for the past decade at UT. This will be the first former Saban assistant to beat Saban. He's getting young players in the game ASAP and isn't afraid to do it unconventionally like Spurrier did on offense and D. Special teams are lights out because he's not above using his offensive receivers on special teams. Overall, he's giving more players, underclassman and upper more chances to make plays. Something that has been missing at UT. This is how we become D University and Receiver University again. There is also a little bit of everything great past UT coaches have done in Pruitts coaching. During this game all those coaches showed up in this superb coaching display.

    247 said it best as a result of this progress:

    Second half:Nearly Perfect

    Defense: Fantastic

    Jauan Jennings: Amazing

    Special Teams: Impressive

    JG: Back to 2018 form

    JT Shrout: Good enough to start(?) (to me that questioned has been answered…YES)

    My take at QB.We went in hoping to get good play from a struggling ex starter and a newby whose hardly played. We came out of it with two QB's more than good enough to start and a receiver who could rival UK's starting QB but dash D's with his feet. Jennings good enough to start? Is and has. If your listening Harrison Bailey.. Come be part of newly re-opened Receiver U, you are WANTED and NEEDED!!!!!Every bit of UT greatness and lore is alive and thriving at Tennessee!!!GBO!

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  • UAB is a dangerous team. Every game the rest of the season is winnable. Kentucky will be tough because of that WR at QB who's balling out. We have to find a way to contain him. I truly believe we go 7-5 regular season and wreck some Big 10 or ACC team in a bowl game to go 8-5.

    With how Pruitt and staff are recruiting I think we will be even better next year!!

  • The QBs looked good! JG totally redeemed himself! Next year the QB room only gets better. We definitely have to get some big time WRs on the recruiting trail.

    It seemed that after South Carolina got that last touchdown, the team played extremely pissed off!!! This team.is getting better every week. I think we have taken on Pruitt's identity. Man can we say we finally have depth at Offensive line!! The Oline balled out!!!
    The defense even balled out!!! They are aggressive as hell!! I love it! Go Vols!!

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