31 thoughts on “Salt and Pepa FIRES Spinderalla! Usher SETTLES Herpes Lawsuit”

  • Desire Takei says:

    Dex: She pregnant by a 23 year old? Do we know what he does?

    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂 Yes Dex you are right to be worried

  • Salt n Pepa and Spinderalla been together for decades. Like sisters, they fight! Shoot they known each other from teens!! Spinderella will be back with them soon.

  • Valerie Golden says:

    Hello Patty 🦋 and Dexter 💪🏽 Nora O’Donnell is going to be the anchor on the evening news, of which CBS is moving the staff to Washington, DC. This is a plum job for Nora, who’s husband owns several restaurants in the DC area and the children live there. I think Nora was never found of Gayle King , because Nora was a Washington correspondent, and she thought that Gayle isn’t professional enough. I too don’t find Ms King all that great. She always has to have the last word, rubbing her hands up and down her legs everyday, and on different occasions I’ve seen her Spanx. I no longer look at CBS morning. Their ratings have been low, and now banking on this new line up, their ratings are going to tank. 🚽 Steph Curry, know he’s married to a lady, I doubt he’d jeopardize all that he has, for some $2 Skank


    Hey auntie, hey Sexxy Dex!!! Missed you Chocolate!!!
    I can't wait to see Dennis Quaid in another thriller/horror flick. You go Dennis!!
    "It's NOT cute NOT knowing!!"

  • Teresa Brinkman says:

    They needed to notice Jussies mental state , long before today, Obviously he ain't right in the head ,to be staging a crime on himself?? C'mon ,YOU ALL now he wasn't right before tgis happen, I hope he don't get hired by any company, except maybe walmart!

  • Have a great Cinco de Mayo everyone! But hold up Patty how you lose all your edges like that? Can you do a video on explaining that so us young girls won't go through the same pitfalls? 🤔🤔🙄 Be blessed 🙏

  • alysia henderson says:

    Way back when SaltNPepa were just getting started, there was another Spinderella that I think they let go of. But dang this Spindy has been with the group for many years. Why fire her???smh

  • Brenda Ryals-Burnett says:

    Oh please! They have fired Spinderella several times depending on how much shine and publicity they want to deny her.

  • Fired her..SMH 😒 spin good without them 😱 congrats Gayle .. 😓#rkelly tears 🤔 #usher settled #herpes OMG 😔 #flavaflav no more chicken? Hmm is #tonibraxton single now? Beautiful top 😍👌

  • Marcus fuller says:

    I’m done with Salt and Pepper😒
    They have fired and rehired Spinderella soany damn Times…hell they couldn’t even keep their residency in Vegas b/c they were all fighting pissed me off I wanted to see them in Vegas😠

  • People switch up quick when it's about money! If she's a DIVA she didn't just suddenly get that way dahling!!! What's really going on S & P? You'll remember they did the old DJ dirty too before Spinderella became part of the group. S & P first album was not done with Spinderella she came on the scene after they fired the initial DJ.

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