20 thoughts on “SCCY CPX-2 – Did I Just Waste $200 ??”

  • Dean Stephens says:

    I've been using the SCCY CPX-2 as my EDC sidearm for around 2 years now. I love the sub compact size, and its not super heavy so it works nicely as an IWB concealed carry as well. Very pleased with mine.(Its also sniper grey)

  • IF your SCCY gives you ammo feeding problems… Try replacing the SCCY stock magazine spring with a GLOCK BRAND GLOCK 19 15 round magazine spring. I did and it made a huge difference.

  • Awesome, just bought this off the palmetto armory site for $150, after mail in rebate it'll be $125. Thanks for this vid, feel pretty good about this purchase.

  • Glad you finally picked one up. I found it months ago and took a chance. The pull was a little rough for.me so I upgraded to a Galloway trigger and spring kit. Reduced game spring a tiny bit more by stretching. Live the little gun. Accurate and easy to maintain recoil with the way the grip was engineered. Fantastic gun no issues with it so far. About 1500 rounds shot.

  • Ive owned a cpx2 for about 5yrs now. Its been fed hundreds of rounds of ball, hp and ftx tip ammo and never as much as hiccupped. For a 3" barrel its as accurate as I could ever expect. SCCY customer service is top notch as well. When I first got it, one of the pins in the poly frame kept trying to work out under fire. Called SCCY, had a live English speaking with no accent person on the phone after only maybe 2 minutes on hold. I told her what was going on and by the end of that week I had new oversize pins in my mailbox. Problem resolved.

  • I have the cpx-1 and the safety guard digs into your thumb. I'm going to send it back to SCCY to have them remove the safety.. other than that it ran fine and pretty accurate.. but for the same price you can get the Taurus g2c which to me is a much better gun even though it's a little heavier

  • MrCaptainmorgan420 says:

    I work as a gun dealer and recently sold one of these to a friend for $160. He has nothing but good things to say about it.

  • I bought the CPX1 when they first came out for $269 bucks and bought the trigger guard laser for it.
    It was my first polymer gun and my first cheap semi auto so i had very little confidence in it's reliability.
    After taking it to the range a few times and running a few boxes of ammo through it, i began to trust it more and more.
    With every trigger pull i expected a jam or misfire that never happened.
    In fact NONE of the problems seen in youtube videos ever occured with mine.
    Today i have seen CPX2s selling for as low as $169 which is a excellent price for a made in USA pistol.

  • Wish you luck with it. I have a first generation CPX1. I really wanted to like it for a truck gun. Safety would engage while shooting it. Deleted the safety with a SCCY kit. Worked on the mags, the feed ramp, tried different ammunition. The only thing I could get it to shoot a full mag of was spear gold dots.

    Hopefully they have the issues fixed. Mine was so inconsistent and unreliable I swore I wouldn’t let it go into anyone else’s hands so I junked it.

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