One of the questions I get asked the most about the Apple Watch is whether or not you should get the cellular Apple Watch. In this cellular vs GPS Apple Watch comparison video, I’ll break down all of the Apple Watch cellular vs GPS differences so that hopefully by the end of this video you can know what’s the difference between the cellular and GPS Apple Watch versions and decide for your self if the cellular Apple Watch is worth it for you! I know there is still a lot of confusion regarding what is the difference between WiFi and cellular models of all internet-ready products these days, so hopefully in this Apple Watch cellular review/Apple Watch GPS review, the cellular vs WiFi Apple Watch differences I explain for you will help you better understand what version of the Apple Watch would better suit your lifestyle. Is the Apple Watch cellular worth the investment? Should you save money and get the Apple Watch GPS Only version? I’ll answer those questions and more in this video! Don’t forget to comment your own Apple Watch cellular vs GPS differences in the comments section so that we can all better educate ourselves on the different applications each Apple Watch version has for different situations!

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36 thoughts on “Should You Get The CELLULAR Apple Watch?”

  • If $100 up front and $10/month is even a consideration then why are you even looking at an Apple watch? What kind of person doesn't engage in activities that would be more enjoyable if you didn't have to carry a phone around?

  • I got new apple watch series 5. Also I bought a genuine leather band, it was amazing! you need to see that and I HAVE DISCOUNT CODE: VNS20 dont misss! @t

  • John Osterman says:

    You said "Apple Watch Cellular" "Cellular Apple Watch" "GPS Apple Watch" about a hundred times after you said you weren't gonna 🙂

  • I got a fanny pack to put my phone in while I’m at the gym I will save my $100 & that $10 for 24 month = $240!!! It was $25 for me to finance the watch plus the cellular fee 🗣

  • Nícha Míldí says:

    We have both, the GPS versions rock, can go out in the yard with phone indoors and answer-receive calls and texts, or at work I keep my phone on silent and can answer-receive notifications just on my watch from phone via BT. Cellular version uses more battery for sure. I listen to music on my GPS with AirPods and have my playlist on my watch. Better battery and price for GPS. Oh and in the USA no you cannot use Apple Watch LTE on ANY prepaid plan. It has to be postpaid.

  • Great video , I was almost convinced on buying the cellular version of the iPhone but thanks to you I don’t think it is worth it after all

  • Alexander Martin says:

    Okay but why would I want to turn off the cellular on my cellular Apple Watch. 20$ a month is worth having the newest Apple Watch with service

  • Derek Christner says:

    It's nice not having to take your phone with you everywhere… shopping is another situation. In today's day an age lots of people glued to their phones. I cherish not being that guy. Apple Watch cellular helps break that addiction.

  • J.Howard.Jones says:

    Apple Watch Series 5

    Space Gray Aluminum Case with Leather Loop $479.00
    Space Gray Aluminum Case with Link Bracelet
    That's nuts. They are charging $350 MORE for the link bracelet. Seems a bit greedy if you ask me.

  • Soooo, i go to the gym a lot and i hate to take my phone because I’ve almost lost it a couple times. Butttttt, my gym has wifi so I guess you did save me some lots of money 💰

  • I want to get the series 5 but I’m a bit confused as to whether I should go for the GPS or cellular model.

    I workout quite regularly and go running 3-5 times a week, so I need some music with me… although sometimes I Can’t Be Arsed to bring my phone… I take it regardless

    If I was to get GPS model and download Spotify… then download all my songs on there and play them offline… would that work or do I have to go for the cellular version to play constant music using data?

    Thanks guys

  • Wait so are you saying the Apple Watch gps can’t connect to the internet through your phones cellular connection? It only connects through WiFi?

    That can’t be right?

  • Rainskee the Explorer says:

    I have a crush on you…❤️❤️❤️❤️your too cute omg!I bought apple watch becoz of your review thank you for good review…🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻i bought 44mm gps version

  • BMAC,I congratulate you with probably near 10000-20000 more subs,and I’m proud to say I am one of those many people.
    👎🏻 click down there if you have subbed to him too just because of this video! ❤️HaveAGreatDay❤️

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