Somewhat, it’s easy to bump off Singapore among the choices of exciting Asian countries to visit. The notion that’s it plainly organized and secured, routinely flat, disciplinarian, and conservative place where citizens are deprived of their precious free will to spit on the road and chew gum- mere babble. Singapore is indeed one of the most amusing cities in Southeast Asia. Johor Behru is the second-largest city in Malaysia and, with the opening of two major amusement parks in 2012, it is poised to become a major tourist destination. Batam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago, and not long ago it was just another poor island with coastal villages and unspoiled nature. The declaration of the Batam free trade zone in 1989 has turned the island upside down, after just a few years of rapid construction it now has a modern airport, tourist and business centers and a still growing infrastructure that has changed the island completely. Batam is actually one of fastest growing tourist destinations in Indonesia in terms of visitor arrivals. There are several tourist resorts with luxurious hotels and golf courses.


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