[Sinong Batak: New Game Show with Tatang Robin]

As we celebrate our first anniversary together, we introduce you a new game show with Tatang Robin for everyone! Plus, we are giving away special prizes!

Sinong Batak is SB19’s 1st Anniversary series special
where the members play various games for 7 days!

In each episode of Sinong Batak,
guess who will win among the
SB19 members in Facebook comments.

Everyday, there will be 10 winners among those who guessed the correct answer. They will win SB19’s Mulbit Face Mask.

For those who will guess the 7 daily correct answers consecutively,
49 winners will receive SB19 Merchandise, and 1 PINAKABATAK NA WINNER
will win a trip to South Korea with SB19!

Deadline of entries is until 11:59:59 PM daily.
Winners will be picked randomly if they got the correct answer.

* Sinong Batak Schedule:
October 26 – November 2, 2019
7:00 PM
SB19 Official Facebook Page

Using new/fake/multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and automatically disqualified.

We are hoping for your participation 🙂

#SinongBatak19 #SB191stAnniversary #SB19 #SB19_JUSTIN #SB19_JOSH #SB19_SEJUN #SB19_KEN #SB19_STELL

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