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25 thoughts on “SO MUCH ENERGY! Taylor Swift – Blank Space – Reputation Tour Reaction”

  • I think the tour thing is being misquoted a little. She said she wanted it to "feel" small and intimate, she didn't say she wouldn't play stadiums.

  • React to reputation tours rendition of the bad blood/should’ve said no rendition, and don’t blame me. Those are my two fave parts of the show

  • She probably always looked energetic and happy because she actually took good breaks between dates (2-3 days or even a full week), so she was probably more rested and not as worn-out like she was on past tours!

  • Constanza Moreno says:

    You should watch this live performance, it's with songs from Lover! They're stripped down and she sounds so good! https://youtu.be/uZoH_dJvBps

  • In an interview Taylor said she doesn’t have plans to go on tour for lover… she said if she does go on tour she wants it to feel like she’s just in her living room or something along the lines of that. I’m really hoping she goes on tour though🤞🏻😬

  • JenChuLiChaeng KimParkManoban says:

    I heard somewhere that lover tour will be different from the stadium tour during reputation cause she wanted it to be more intimate

  • It’s her stage presence that makes her performances feels intimate. Don’t wanna compare her to the god of live performance Freddie Mercury (cause nobody can be compared to freddie and queen imo and this is not a comparison) but they have similar skills in which kinda rare. Both can connect to their fans and makes a stadium feels like a living room performance. No matter where you watch it, the front, the very back or at home from tv or youtube you feel like it’s just you and them. Not many people can do this. Cause it’s not just about singing and able to perform flawlessly, it’s that extra magic on the stage. Which is why Taylor’s tour always sold out, what you get on the tour enhanced your love for her and the songs.. And haters might say her tour grossed high because of the price and it’s amazing cause of all the lights, staging, fireworks, etc. but no, it feels even more intimate when she performed songs on guitar and piano. Some people would lost in stadium with a very simple performance but Taylor able to shine even brighter with those.. it feels huge but small at the same time. It’s weird.. but that’s one of her strongest ability besides writing..
    And you should’ve seen her in the rain. Some people would go as far to cancel the show, but she didn’t and able to gave an extra 10% energy and the show somehow felt even more magical.

    And I’m still hoping she’ll still perform lover tour in stadium. I know she want to have a more intimate tour. But judging based on long live/new years day performance, she will be able to have a very intimate tour no matter where.

  • During rep tour when she walked through the crowd and grabbed my hand and I screamed I love you Taylor and then started sobbing🥺😂 I tried singing blank space afterwards and I couldn’t cause I was so shook

  • Katherine Joyce says:

    Please react to the Back to December/Apologize/You're Not Sorry Mashup on the Speak Now World Tour, it's truly magical and her vocals are gorgeous

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