8 thoughts on “sony 40 R452”

  • Premsagar Patnaik says:

    I am having Sony KLV 40R452A TV with 19.5 V external power adopter.
    1. When I turned on the TV by selecting TV Chanel / Cable input mode / connecting DTH Set top box TV starts but immediately after 2-3 second TV start automatically turning off and on for 3 times and after that TV stops turning on/off and goes to standby mode and indicator light turns Red and repeatedly starts blinking 6 times in a interval of 2-3 second.
    2. When TV turned on by selecting HDMI input mode disconnecting Set top box then TV do not starts turning off / on itself.

    3. When the TV is in turned on disconnecting Set top box and when I connect a Pen drive in USB port and start viewing still photo or slide show of photo from Pen drive TV do not starts turning off / on itself but when I start viewing a video from Pen drive then TV again starts turning off / on itself.

    4. When power plug is disconnected for few hours or day then TV start normally, no turning off / on itself but after few hours or day TV again starts turning off / on itself.

    Premsagar Patnaik

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