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42 thoughts on “Springfield XDS-9 Mod.2: Take 2”

  • Richard Acosta says:

    I have a love- hate relationship with my original XDS 4.0 in 9mm. I love it but I hate the lack of iwb holsters for it. It’s been relegated to home duty since I got the p365. I really want to get the XDS Mod 2 though. She sure does feel great in the hands. But I need something with a little more capacity for hd first.

  • Stupidly, the XDS is unavailable to us here in Unicornia. All the other XD varieties are (though not the mod 2 versions) but not this particular firearm. A slimmer version of the XD, but that appears to make it more dangerous, so it isn't approved. Too bad.

  • The original XDs-9 was my original carry gun before I moved to a CZ RAMI. Nothing bad to say about it but just wanted to move to a CZ.

  • Bradley Slackenfelch says:

    I'd like to request that you do a Hickok style accuracy test and fire a few rounds through the open windows of the passenger and drivers side doors and contact the target on the other side of that Camaro. Lol, Thanks for the video.

  • John Burdette says:

    I like the XD series from Springfield Armory . I own a couple in 9mm and XDmod II.45 acp. nice video sir. yes indeed humid real heavy, I live south of Houston, man we been getting hit hard with it . 2 months to go to fall and cooler temps ! have a good and smooth , safe weekend.

  • Hector L. Quinones says:

    Springfield the most underrated guns. I have XD Mod 2 in 45 and 9mm and had a XD springfield full size 45mm and never have neither of them failed in anyway with any kind of ammo.

  • Nice lil pistol. I've wanted one for a while but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Literally or figuratively. Watched a live chat with ks gun guy, honest outlaw and 2 other guys. Was pretty good. Id love to c one with u, fire arm guy and max headspace

  • I loved mine until the magazine cracked on the top right side. I just assumed it was something I did and I bought a few more mags. Within almost a year of ownership I had 2 more mags crack in the very same spot around the small square window on the right. Searching the internet for a solution I found that this a common problem with the xds mags. I loved the gun but sold it because of the mag issue. I ended up buying a Glock 43x to replace it and have had no issues. Not saying it’s better but Glock has massive aftermarket support if ever a problem arises.

  • OH MAN!!! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE NOW!!! Not just with momma, but the dog is givin ya "That Look" too!!! 😀

    Blame it on your fans, we were demandin another video. 😉

  • The Busterdog says:

    I have the .45acp version of this pistol. It is the biggest POS I own. Every time I take it to the range it seems like it's trying to tear itself apart. I wish I had bought the 9mm version. It's relegated to the dark recess of my safe, as a constant reminder of what not to ever buy again.

  • With the extended mag its bigger, heavier, than a 43x and less capacity. With the flush mag its bigger, heavier and far less capacity than P365. It's from a company that turned on the 2A over profit. I understand why it gets no love.

  • I just picked one of these up. Had the orginal as well. By far my favorite single stack gun. Carries great and shoots like a big gun

  • Own and love the original 9. Have the xde with mod 2 and dislike it. The as comes fiber optic sights suck and are a stupid choice for self defense guns. Xs big dots are a game changer on it for me.

  • I want one. I have the original XDS 9mm. I was waiting for the mod 2 in 9mm for more than a year and just couldn’t wait anymore. I already own the XD in 9 and 40 cal. I love my XDS and the mod 2 has missed my window for upgrading because there are just too many nice guns of all types and not enough time or money. PSA AKV 9mm in process of being shipped right now.

  • The SA XDS 9 (the one before the upgraded grip) was my first pistol, and enjoyed taking it to the range. Then I bought the XD Mod2 9, and it gets more range time now. I'm better with the XD Mod2, and I attribute it to the grip (easier at times on the old arthritis)….and probably more range time with it 🙂 .

    The pistols aren't getting any range time as of late, as I recently bought the SA Saint Edge. 🙂 🇺🇸👍

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