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In this series I give my thoughts on the Steelers performance after the game. This will be in addition to Terrible Towel Tuesday, which in that series I look ahead to the next opponent. In this episode I give my thoughts on the Steelers week 3 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.

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40 thoughts on “Steelers vs 49ers Post Game Reactions | Terrible Towel Post Game Show 2019 Week 3”

  • I agree they arnt afraid to go down the field not these dink and dunk plays and waiting to throw on 3rd and 10 pssshhhh agree man

  • Man im a 49er fan and i just wanna say i tip my hat noooo way 9ers should have won u all year after year have a great D 9ers just played hard and did not give up u all are 0-3 but prob the best 0-3 team hang in there best of luck and every on always diss on ck7 aka kap he would do great for any team just watch his time with the 9ers

  • brandon beatty says:

    I'm finally on the Butler must be gone bandwagon. I'm ok with him going back to OLB coach he was definitely better there. As DC we need a new one. Fitchner is still up in the air for me.

  • What about alen faneca as a offensive line coach . They need to bring some old steelers player in as coaches. They need some Steeler player as coaches to bring back some steeler pride

  • Man i would even say Bring some guys in that were on superbowl teams as defensive coaches greg loyyd , kevin green, casey hampton. They all have football knowlegde. Just a thought. What u think man.

  • Fichner and Butler have a relationship with Tomlin they all use to coach with each other im college back in the day. Tomlin brought them in

  • Offensive coordinator, defensive coodinator, possibly a wr coach . I would love to see hines ward step in or even jerome bettis come in as coaches. Would love to see some older steelers come in and be part of the coaching staff .

  • Im fuckin pissed as well. Steelers need to start searching for offensive & defense coordinator. Mason rudolph will be good he is still young , but the run game needs to be there. I dont think conner is the answer at all. They should try to draft a running back or another outside linebacker bud dupree is not it. James Washington need to really step up as well. I also need to go to jaylem samuels early in the game and switch it up with him and Snell. Offense play calling needs to be more unpredicatble, plus they go away from the run to quick! We wont know what type a qb if the play calling os trash and there is no running game.

  • Conner is a good backup, doesn’t have the patients like Bell for blocks to develop. He has fumblitise. Run n2 his lineman and trips or stumbles thru the line of scrimmage. Play Snell and Sanders..

  • Kap definitely deserves a spot in the NFL no doubt about that but I think the Steelers should hold off on that and try to keep working with Rudolph and really see what they have with him

  • Bud Depree fast off the edge but can’t get to the QB. Over runs QB, not a run stopper, trails n coverage, him and Barron takes bad angles.

  • Bud Depree fast off the edge but can’t get to the QB. Over runs QB, not a run stopper, trails n coverage, him and Barron takes bad angles.

  • Randy fuckner is terrible n play calling. Not adjusting to our talent.. same plays. No double tight put a body on a body and pull the big boys football..

  • You talked about blitzing sorry to tell you bruh the 49ers is ranked number 1 when it comes to not sending blitz packages the send not more than 10 blitz pavkages a game they depend on the front 4 whivh is DYNAMIV Buckner Armstead dee ford ND BOSA is scary for any team

  • Kyle shanny is the best offensive mind in the NFL in the history of the NFL 45 games with 4 turnovers or more the opposite team wins the niners are the first team in the 100 year history to win a game with those circumstances. Kyle is a great coach

  • I'm sick of Randy Fichtner. Only way we run the ball is our of shotgun. Then we do these short dink and dunk passes. It's so predictable. Doesn't scare a defense at all.

  • Well when your mlbs both weigh under 230 lbs of course teams are gonna be able to pound the rock.i actually thought they played good for most of the game but when the offense is constantly going three and out out, of course the defense is eventually gonna break. James Connor looks slow, I thought Mark Ingram would have been a perfect fit for the Steelers but they didn't even pursue him in the off season. I honestly think are problem is coaching. That defense has a lot of talent on it. They should be playing a lot better, but the talent just ain't there on offense

  • My question is when do we let Benny and Justin Layne get some burn. I don’t wanna give up on the season. When do we let Buggs get some burn the young guys get some reps. If we lose to the bengals and our play calling is timid and scared. Fire randy. He comes out scared. Mason averaged 5 yards a pass in the first half. Our D will continue to get gashed when they are on the field ALL GAME. Defense wins games but if you can’t score points. That doesn’t matter. Randy gotta go man. MASON SAID IT BEST. Come out firing! Keep the foot on the throat man. Just like the pats and Chiefs. They don’t let up!!! We playin soooo timid it makes me angry. Ugh

  • is looking like that first rounder is going to be a high one…but Fitzpatrick is a future move…this season is a wash…but hey we may be in the running for the Clemson qb in 2021…

  • We might wouldn't sustain that last drive,but SF wouldn't had that field position. The D was gassed, but a long field may have given us the clock favor.

  • why is everyone talking about eli rogers…what about the other wideout we had that ran several punts back during the preseason…that we released…again I go back to the point I make with you everytime I comment…if you are supposed to be putting the best 53 on the field…why are these players not here and switzer and matakevich are….meanwhile skipper is in new York..

  • Answer me this, why are we sticking with Conners? Short passes and no run game is a formula for failure. You actually help the opps defense.

  • This smells like 1985 -90.. I’ve seen these dark days.. but let’s understand this is a young team now..o line is not blocking the defense isn’t terrible just out on the field to long they start out on fire 🔥 and then spark out.. but I’m glad we’re not tanking.. Tomlin needs to put his foot down and take charge

  • RodovreCasuals says:

    4:00 would have been awfully nice to have our potentially top 5 pick to address those really important positions that as you said is where the game is won or lost. But nope we decided a FS is more important than tackles, pass rush, QB and even WR.

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