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In this series I give my thoughts on the Steelers performance after the game. This will be in addition to Terrible Towel Tuesday, which in that series I look ahead to the next opponent. In this episode I give my thoughts on the Steelers Week 12 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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21 thoughts on “Steelers vs Bengals Post Game Reactions | Terrible Towel Post Game Show Week 12”

  • Don't know if this is just coincidence but here's his stats before Mason Rudolph's concussion against the Ravens, Completion percentage, 67.02 yards 161.50 7 TD's. After the concussion 58.50, yrds 198.00, and 5 TD's also his interceptions and being sacked are up as well. It seems to me that he hasn't recovered from that hit and his performance is showing that.

  • First, Tomlin needs to win coach of the year! This man is playing with his 3rd string QB, a banged up and bad offense, and STILL, we're the 6th seed for the playoffs! What more can you ask for for a team who shouldn't be this good. I think Mason and Duck are on the same level. However, Duck's pocket awareness, aggressiveness to go down field, and ability to escape the pocket is better at this point. Also, Mason seems have fallen off to the point he is missing even the dink and donk plays. Mason's basic 101 QB mechanics look bad, and it's hard to watch him at this point. I don't know if either guy is the future, but "right now" Duck is giving us the best option to win. I'm down for the Duck to play the rest of the season unless Mason can get his mojo back. I like the change of pace RB. I've been saying they needed one since Willie Parker left. The change of pace RB makes a huge difference. I think we need to keep Kerrith Whyte and let Samuels go. Samuels is not a true RB, just a utility guy to be honest.

  • So for me when I am talk to my coworkers about our beloved steelers we have the 6th seed in the playoff spot for right now. The defense is rocking and doing its things just have to stay making turnovers. Now when it comes down to the offense side of the ball we have bunch of new booty out there playing and just trying to make a name for are self and just keep winning. But as far as the QB spots we seen what mason have done so far and we seen the duck in 2 games he played I would like to see what Paxton Lynch get a shot at it the QB spot with the side of 6'7 254 lbs and have a big arm and he is in a different systems and want to prove he can play in the NFL as a backup. At this point we try to make the playoffs or the lease go five hundred to keep up no losing season. At this point all QB with the steelers are looking to back up big Ben for next year and to see what they can do this season with the games we have left.

  • the timing is suspicious the week before you play cleveland the talk will be tomlin made the switch because he feared for mason's life not his poor play it just adds more fuel to the fire this move shudve been made after the bye

  • Tyrone Johnson says:

    I've been pro Mason all season now he's not that guy unfortunately so it's time to see what we have in Duck !!!!!!!!! Steelers for Life !!!!!!!!!

  • Brah you dropped the ball by not mentioning Kap he could really help our offense his legs would be something good to have in the tool shed

  • Captain Spartan 04 says:

    22:33 it’s LOO-A-VUL . I’m from Louisville and it pisses us off every time y’all mispronounce it.

    Also bud is going to get that contract extension over javon more than likely

  • Duckman Is here to stay. Always said that his pocket presence was something Mason doesnt have that you just cant teach. Cant wait til he gets a whole weeks gameplan with the ones

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