Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire – 2019 Theme Park Tour

Story Land is a fantasy themed theme park located in Glen, New Hampshire (about ten minutes away from downtown North Conway). The park opened in 1954 and has been growing ever since, adding 20 + rides and attractions. Story Land is typically visited by families with young kids but today two adults are going to give you a tour of the park! Tresh and I will share the sights, sounds and smells (specifically dirty diapers) of Story Land. We will also be going on some of the rides like the Polar Coaster, the buccaneer pirate ship. and taking a look at some of the new rides like the Rap-Tour Safari, Splash Battle Pharaoh’s Reign, and the new roller coaster Roar-o-Saurus.


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45 thoughts on “Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire – 2019 Theme Park Review & Tour”

  • Is Story Land a theme park you’d like to visit??? Also stay tuned for more Story Land videos in the future! We filmed another one during the last trip and plan to do more soon.

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  • Stereo Monovici says:

    The most "pleasant" memory from this was refusing to leave the Loopy Lab and literally got pissed off. God those wonderful times

  • mineshift521 PSN says:

    Hey Ben, I am a ride operator for story land and can confirm the pirate ship is not on a track. I have crashed it plenty of times, I mean did you see my previous ship!!!

  • Average Joe Adventures says:

    Oh this brought back a few memories park has really changed! Thanks for sharing this. I remember the cow!!!!! I seriously thought the polar coaster was at Santas village. I remember the big shoe!

  • Anthony Cataldo says:

    At one point the farm stand WAS in the farm section near farm follies… but obviously with expanding that section probably ran out of room. It's been a while since I've been and last time I was there that's where it was. Great and awesome video. Loved and still love story land and santas village!!

  • Ben, you should have went to tea time or fairytale training, you didn’t need to buy a ticket you could have just watched in the audience! For tea time, Cinderella Sings, reads to, gets to know, and takes pictures with kids who took part in her tea party! And for fairytale training, red riding hood, Peter Pan, and tinker bell teach kids how to become fairytale characters! Each kid gets a prize at the end of both, and I really think it captures a lot of memorable moments. I’m often there to help assist through all shows and I really think you missed a very important part for kids all around 😊

  • Bella’s Blogs says:

    I haven’t been here since I was 3 or 4 for a family Rhode trip and than we stayed at “Red Jacket Hotel “ It was really fun I remember 🏰🏯

  • I love Storyland. I just traveled back there last week to take my granddaughter. Keep up the good work! I love your content. Voyage to the moon was great. I was sad when they changed it

  • Little Oz Lorel says:

    Cant wait for my exclusive Patron footage of this one it looks like it was a great day .That wolf was more creepy than humpty dumpty .Have a great day from Australia mate

  • CheshireCat666 says:

    Whoa,for a little amusement park,this place is RAD! Clean,colorful,and very well done

    I'm upset. I was so excited to run in here and show off my college education and tell you who the pumpkin dude was,but someone beat me to it. DAMMIT!

  • BrickHero Studios says:

    17:33 I have four of those 😀 Humpty Dumpty was my favorite thing there as a kid. The memories, they were named Himp Nimp, Humpty dumpty, dumpsters, and Eggy nimp. I was a weird kid lol

  • Thank you! I went to Story Land 1970, and my kids went there in the early 2000's. Too bad you never went to Heritage NH, it was cool. Now I only see Story Land when I go to the Bartlett transfer station or to Jackson. I call you the Justinscarred of the East… You are doing a great job. FYI, next time you go to the Clinton Tunnel…take Tresh to the heart in the field.

  • Peter Pumpkin Nursery Rhyme. How do you not know this??
    Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
    Had a wife but couldn’t keep her;
    He put her in a pumpkin shell
    And there he kept her very well.
    Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
    Had another and didn’t love her;
    Peter learned to read and spell,
    And then he loved her very well.


  • Jennifer Plaisted says:

    I really can't believe you didn't go to Heidi's cabin or the chapel! And what's the living shores ? I am going to that area week after next so I'm curious

  • MoviemaniaNick says:

    That was awesome Ben! Yes Humpty was definitely creepy so was that Wolf! I went and did a vlog similar to a place like this. It is called Storybook Land. You should check it out and see how many creepy animatronics are in there. LOL

  • Benjamin Tetreault says:

    Also the animatronics of the two old men in the car used to be an advertisement for heratige New Hampshire which was a museum/walkthrough attraction located next door to story land which through interactive animatronics and 4d theaters told the history of the state of New Hampshire. Heratige New Hampshire closed in the early 2000s and the space is now being renovated into the living shores aquarium which will soon be a part of the story land experience

  • Benjamin Tetreault says:

    The mining sleuth at the little Mexico section is likely one of the last remnants of Six Gun City as the former owners of the park now run a business building the sleuths for surrounding attractions love to see you at story land Ben especially cause I almost traded my elf ears for story books this summer can’t wait until you visit the other side of the mountain

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